Skeleton rider

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For this skeleton rider from the 1990s Games Workshop range I adapted a technique from a James Wappel’s video, which I highly recommend. Instead of a “true” shaded base-coat, however – which is still beyond my skills – I more or less randomly applied a mix of thinned-out colours to a bone base-coat. The result was something like this.

Shaded basecoat for wimps

From there I worked with thin layers and then thin lines of Game colour sand and white, trying to preserve some of the coloured shade beneath. It is a relatively easy technique, but it gives good results with plain skeletons such as these. Not to mention that the initial base-coating with coloured inks comes with its own childish enjoyment.

(Too bad I noticed that white rim on the border of the base only after I took the pictures, and now I’m several hundred kilometres from the miniature.)