Orc ‘Eadbashers #1 – Champion WIP

WIP Ork 'Eadbasher Champion

I’m suffering from a cave goblin burnout at the moment, I could only paint two out of the six gobbos I had in my plans for last week. But… I started working on a slightly converted plastic / metal champion for the future horde of orc ‘eadbashers, to see how the skin shadows palette could be converted from goblin to orc.

Don’t look at the arms – they’re not done yet – but the face seems to work out pretty well, what do you think?

Also, I spent a lot of time NMMing the huge ax (trophy from a slain chaos warrior) but I should still add a few glazes… and the supplies shipment I ordered almost two months ago still isn’t here! Grrr – you can see the orc is mad too.

More goblins next time, I promise 🙂

Cave goblin spears #7 – Glass eye champion

Cave goblin glass eye champion

This one is supposed to hold the place of the king in the regiment whenever the king has other kingly things to do.

Another great sculpt, clean and simple. Apparently they had a thing with big bulging eyes in this series: after the eye on the little squig I showed at the beginning of the project, I decided to paint this as a glass eye and I think it turned out fine.

Next, we’ll be back to some rank and file, with a cameo from an old 40k model to spice things up, so… more to come!

Cave goblin spears #2 – Champion with baby gnasher

Cave goblin champion 1
I have my eye on you…

Done in one quick sitting using, for the first time, a proper wet palette. The next improvement in the hobby arsenal will be a home-made lightbox.

Speaking of photography and its discontents: the goblin’s eyes are yellow, not white, and you were supposed to see its tongue…

I am pleased with this little fool, it gave me the right impulse for the incoming project: the sculpt is crisp and funny and I am enjoying the subtler layering made easier by the wet palette.

I tried this azure fangs effect knowing it could stand out too much when blown-up in a picture like this. You’ll see in group shots that it works out fine in regular framing and adds a needed spot of colour in the sea of black capes. Do you think I can pull it off even on larger gnashers / squigs?