Nomads #6 – Zero

Here is the Zero from the Nomads starter set.

It was my favourite Nomad miniature to paint and possibly my best paint job so far.

It’s also my submission for Azazel’s Jewel of July 2019 challenge: thank you for all your efforts to bring the community together!

Ouch, the paint has chipped off!

And here is a group shot of the Nomads so far, one more to go…

Nomads #5 – Alguaciles

I have finished the other two Alguaciles in the Nomads starting box.

These have been the least pleasant to paint of the whole set, but by no means unpleasant. While the woman in the centre is about the best I think I can make from these models, the other two could be improved, but for the moment I am happy to leave them like this. There are more versions of the Alguaciles with different equipment and poses and I may end up painting some more in the future.

Nomads #4 – Alguaciles wip 2

Deuteros Games_Nomads_Alguacile_ 1_a

I’m too tired to comment on this, but I wanted to share the first of the Alguaciles, that is almost done – a few more touches needed on the face and the base.

Deuteros Games_Nomads_Alguacile_ 1_d

They are tiny models, but very pleasing to paint.

Deuteros Games_Nomads_Alguacile_ 1_c

After painting the Grenzer, I added a few purple shadows and light grey highlights.

Deuteros Games_Nomads_Alguacile_ 1_b


Nomads #3 – Durruti sniper

Deuteros Games_Nomads_Grenzers with Multi Sniper_ Front 1I have finished the first model in the Nomads starter pack, a Grenzers sniper. Not a fit name for an anarchist guerrilla, if you ask me.

The mini was a pleasure to paint and I experimented a bit with pushing almost pure white highlights here and there.

Deuteros Games_Nomads_Grenzers with Multi Sniper_ Front 2I went with a darker palette with some red, turquoise, and violet mixed in for colour variation, possibly reflecting neon lights in the environment or representing some kind of prismatic camouflage…

I like this outfit better than the red suits of the Alguaciles, and it’s somewhat easier to paint. Even though I won’t repaint the Alguaciles, I will definitely paint the Zero in a similar scheme.

Deuteros Games_Nomads_Grenzers with Multi Sniper_ Back

Nomads #2 – Grenzers wip

A wip picture of this Nomad sniper, mostly because the front armour plate will be partly covered up by the rifle when the model is assembled.

Grenzers 1 wipI wanted him to look a little bit darker and stealthy-looking than the Alguaciles, with their red uniform, but I still mixed a little bit of red on the armour to tie the miniature to the others. You can see it better on the back, perhaps.

Grenzers 1 back wipThey surely lack the variety and sheer inventiveness of Confrontation, but as for sheer class I consider Infinity miniatures like the cyberpunk Rackham.

On the other hand, I see little possibilities of cross-overs with 40k or anything grimdark. Perhaps only in the Van Saar direction, and this particular mini could be painted as a Vindicare assassin, I guess… How do they fare here in the community?

Nomads #1 – Alguaciles wip

Two snapshots of one of the three Infinity Nomads Alguaciles I’ve been painting. They look too much militaristic to feel like real anarchists, but well that’s a common problem in miniature painting, ins’t it?

Alguaciles 1a

I decided to begin with a close reinterpretation of the studio colour scheme. The challenge there is that you have the same red on two very different textures – the pants and the armour plates. I solved this using white and turquoise as highlights for the armour and brighter red for the pants. On this particular model the base colour for the armour is a darker red-purple (obtained mixing turquoise and red), while for the other models I chose to have the pants slightly darker than the armour.

Alguaciles 1b

The upper part of the vest is dark grey with highlights in the same turquois, as are the boots and the weapons – all made with slightly different amounts of shade and highlight. Does the mini feel too homogeneous? The head came out a little too bright in the picture, but I should probably add some more shadows to the hair anyway…

The two other Alguaciles are almost ready and soon I should be able to start working on the bases.