Orc ‘Eadbashers #3 – Mace

Ere we go with another update, surprisingly fast all things considered.

Orc 'Eadbasher 2a

I’m still experimenting with lighting conditions for photography, and this is the best I could do for the moment. But I think you can see a little bit better how I’m trying to mix different colours together, especially on the vest.

Orc 'Eadbasher 2b

I use a watery mix of blue, purple, red and reddish brown as a basecoat, then touch it up with some more brown, highlight it with a lighter brown and then tone the highlights down with reddish brown again if needed. It may seem to be a time consuming process, but it isn’t at all.

Orc 'Eadbasher 2c

For the skin I went with subtler shadows, made by mixing blue with the base skin tone. Then I use two different greens for the highlights.

The mob so far 1

To conclude, here’s a picture of the mob so far. More like a duo, but we’re working on it!



Orc ‘Eadbashers #2 – Lone warrior

Wow, it’s been a long time!

I’ve been taking up a new job in another country, had to set things up to rent my flat in France, adapt to the new environment and I still have a few demanding work projects I have to complete. So hobby time was reduced to a big fat zero for a while.

But I had brought some orcs and paints with me and this morning I took them up and splashed some paint around.

Orc 'Eadbasher

My painting set up is minimal and the light and photographing conditions are dire but who gives, it was fun to make do and I’m happy to be sharing this small effort with you.

As you may remember from internet eons ago, the orc is part of a large project, a 60 greenskin unit of ‘edbashers for the 9th Age. Don’t expect regular updates, unfortunately. But I’ll do my best to keep up some kind of pace. I’m trying to go for smoother transitions and I should probably buy some thinner or glaze medium to make the whole process more controllable.

I’m happy with the NMM on this guy’s gauntlet – I can’t take a good picture of it, but here it is for what it’s worth. I can’t stress to myself enough how important it is to keep the paint as thin as possible.

NMM gauntlet

Whenever I can I still read and look passionately at all the work you’ve been doing. Great things all around and so good of you to share them!

Hopefully sooner

Gnasher herd #6 – Squigs and prodders

Here’s more gnashers and a new prodder team for the herd.

Gnashers 7 8 and 9

These three are going to be placed on a four by four base, just so to break up the ranking and hide a little of the repeat sculpts.  I’m almost done with the WFB squigs and I’ll get a group shot as soon as possible.

This prodder team was properly basecoated and was nicer to paint than the previous one. I find the gesture of the sculpt very effective. I kept the skin very natural and had another go at the subtle cartoonish grey NMM, adding some barely visible lines here and there.

All in all I’m pretty satisfied. Been busy, though. So expect some new members of the herd, but not too soon.

Until next time!

Gnasher herd #5 – Gobbla’s finishing touches

Just a quick before / after shot of the final highlights and glazes on Gobbla.

Here you can see that I did some orange textured highlighting on the area of the face, plus some work on the lower lip and gums.

And here, despite the fact that both pictures suck, you can see I brought out the shadows and highlights on the tail, blended the pink veins with red a little, highlighted the pale skin on the belly, etc.

The back is a bit messy, also because of the sculpt, but all in all I’m really pleased with the front, the upper part especially.

’till next time!

Gnasher herd #4 – Rackham goblin prodder

I hardly need excuses to bring another Rackham model in the Orc & Goblins project, but this one is simply perfect as one of the handlers in the gnasher herd.

Prodder 2

It’s bigger than the other goblins, so you’ll have to assume that he has managed to survive his extremely precarious line of work for some time and made a profit. Apart from this it ticks all the boxes: it fills the base space of a prodder team perfectly, has a pointy stick and, on top of that, is well protected by armour, which is surely one of the reasons why he’s still alive. I can definitely see him pushing the bouncy red mayhem through the tunnels. The cap and bells is fitting enough, as you can imagine squigs being chased on by noise and I also have a few other models banging cymbals and blowing bagpipes to stress the idea.

Prodder 2b

As you can see, I went for NMM, but lighter on the whole than what I did before on the goblin king with the big mace. I think this works better, and it’s also easier to pull off. It may be more cartoonish than realistic, but that’s ok for orcs and goblins – my main concern is for the whole army to be colorful, yet more or less cohesive. I tried out some pure yellow glazes here and there and they look alright suggesting some reflectiveness without going too chalky. The NMM can still be improved… but I think I’m improving!

Another reason I like the sculpt is  a certain Brian Freud feel… is it just me or did you get it too?


’till next time!

Bundle purchase

Given the monumental scale of my lead pile, I usually forbid myself to buy new minis. If this post is here it’s because I just received an exception in my mailbox – in the form of a apparently haphazard bundle of Rackham miniatures – and wanted to share (literally, you’ll see) some of it with you.

Keltois warriors

There’s three Keltois warriors, one with a nasty break at the ankles. When I was a kid I had won a small painting prize with a miniature from the same army and it would be nice to try painting one again and see the improvement. Here it is.

Plus, I’m toying with a rules set in which Nordic barbarians feature prominently, so at some point I will put them to use…

Necro bombastic

Next, a bombastic fellow who is definitely losing the staff in his right arm (picture the blade as a goblin moon symbol) and serve as a necromancer, or losing both staffs and the sword and end up as a sacrificial victim.

Mini undertaker

The little one, instead, will make a nice addition on a corpse cart or some unit filler for the undead.

Putto with axe

This other tiny mini is quite hilarious – I don’t have an idea for it yet, but it will definitely look nice as part of a big model, maybe even trying to pull the ax out of a wound on a big monster.

Lantern holders

These two little devils with a lantern are going to be a fantastic addition to my devil-themed ungors. I could have bought the set just for this model!

Finally, two figures I can easily integrate in the ongoing orcs & goblins project: the goblin with the blunderbuss can substitute a goblin knight on a giant rat I already have and serve as a character with the Skull splitter magic weapon; the other one I can put on a chariot (he is sitting, in case you were wondering, I just propped him up so you can see the sculpt better).

Forest goblin chieftain

This guy instead, a perfect forest goblin chieftain, is a double – I already have one and I won’t be converting it or painting it twice. So, to celebrate my good luck in finding such a good bargain for all these nice miniatures, and to thank you for reading the post to its end, I’m going to ship it for free to any of you readers expressing an interest!

Step right up!


Gnasher herd #3 – Gobbla WIP

Almost done… but could not quite make it in time for the Monday deadline.

Gobbla WIP 1

Who ate the tooth fairy?

Still, I don’t mind dedicating two posts to this gnarly sculpt representing Goblin warlord Skarsnik’s favourite pet.

I still have to try to remove the chalkiness from the bigger teeth, smooth out the colour transitions on the tail, highlight the belly and push up the highlights on the gums, skin and pimples. And the base, of course…

Gobbla WIP 2

Skin cream maybe?

This is going on a somewhat scenic base taking up the space of 4 regular cave gnashers, bringing the unit count to 12/40. I hope I’ll be able to finish before mid September, but I’ll have to pick  up the pace

‘Till next time!