Ork Deff Dread

It’s been some time since I last posted some pictures, or worked on any model at all. But here we are, I painted a suitably messy base for the Deff Dread project you’ve already seen on the blog.

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The base is from the excellent Microstudio “designed for Infinity” series, with a couple of bits from an old Razorback. Don’t ask me what a dwarfed Akira was doing on the battlefield before his motorbike was smashed to pieces, but I still like how the wreck adds some bright colours to the mini.

I could put MANY more hours of work on both the dread and the base, but I have to be realistic: I never have much time to paint and my lead-pile, of sizeable proportions, is getting heavier and heavier with dust. In the end, this guy got a “good enough” job.

I’m planning to finally, and definitively, go through the pile starting before the end of the month, so expect more posts and more metal and plastic to chew in the near future.