The Hive #3 – Termagant Brood

I have been touching up some of the termagants I had painted years ago and I was trying to figure out how to do the bases when I stumbled upon the concept of 40k unit fillers.

The jungle plants are mounted on bases and they could be used as fillers and removed as casualties, but could also be used simply as scatter terrain outside of units.

Who could say there’s not a termie hiding behind those ferns, anyway, and who would want to check? But I did put a couple of critters dashing out from one of the bushes just to make the point.

In any case, I think they help blend the smaller broods together with the bigger tyranids and the large plants. I like the idea and I think I’ll be thinking about 40k unit fillers for other armies as well.

The Hive #2 – Old One Eye

For the next tyranid model I wanted to have a go at some of the big creatures, but I did not want to get into a major figure like a tyrant. So, here comes the old Old One Eye.

I had made a minor conversion using two devourers from the metal raptors and I was using it as a regular Carnifex when I still used to play. I like the clunkyness of the figure and the fact that they sculpted some battle damage. The pose is a homage to the ancient Screamer-killer.

This is the kind of model you could paint for ages. I put in a fair amount of time and at the moment I am satisfied to leave it like this: yes, I could push the contrast on the flesh, freehand some patterns on the carapace and blend the claws until my eyes bleed… but right now I’d rather paint more models and work toward a mass effect. I can always come back for more detail later.

I reinterpreted the barnacles (has this guy spent some time on the bottom of the sea?) as “space limpets” which, apart from spit-shining the carapace, provide some contrast colour to the mini.

For the base I used the same combination of very fine natural sand and aquarium plants, this time including some smaller ferns, and a couple of flowers, one made from a dried clove.

And here’s a group picture with the tyranids painted so far and a sneak peak of the next stage of the project.

And now for something completely alien…

Recently Imperial Rebel Ork has launched a Tyranid project reviving an old interest of mine. So I thought it would be nice at least to show the state of my old ‘Nids collection. I may be painting some of them during the summer, so if they’ll pop up in a post you’ll know where they’re coming from.

This was an (almost) exclusively close-combat army I played a lot, experimented a couple of paint schemes with, and mostly left unpainted. In time, different models from different ages of the game got mixed together, and I dabbled at converting a little, so that the result is quite heterogeneous – some wild gene splicing and assimilation has been going on.

These I used to call “lamps” and they were meant to try to cope with vehicles. These are perhaps the most complete models of the lot. You can see the green skin, blue brains and spotted sand-coloured armour that I tried to apply consistently to all other models.


Here’s some “new” Tyranid warriors, with lighter green insect skin and a painfully intricate camo pattern on the back plates.


Some of the transitions on the skin are brutal, but these are also almost done, at least to a basic standard. I may just clean them up, try something on the bases and see whether I’m happy with them.

This was my “arachnid” tyrant, which most often than not counted as flying. A wonky conversion that seemed cool enough to me in my childhood to overlook how difficult it was to transport.

And this is the new tyrant with leash and bone sword. The pose took a while to figure out, but I like it still.


Old One Eye, used as a regular carnifex.

The… Green Terror, which I used as a regular Mantis.

Some old metal raptors with an alternate scythe build that I think makes them look more dynamic.


A small swam of new Gargoyles (Gorgons? I can’t remember) – very nice sculpts, the best in the new gant series, I think.


Now these are some of the oldest models: three old plastic warriors, and a metal hive guard, two more metal warriors in the plastic bags and ten metal termagants that are probably my favourite gaunt sculpt ever. In the back a squad of genestealers which is trying to pull off the colour scheme and doing poorly at it: green genestealers just don’t seem to work.

Some new termagants, which would probably need some extra work on the chitin, but otherwise just need to be based.


An old metal hormagaunt built as it was originally intended, but alas poorly painted.


For the rest of the squad I went for a mix of old and new models, with some basic conversions.


As with the warriors, I went with some patters on the armour plates and sometimes they turned out nicely.


Here’s a couple more warriors in this dark green colour scheme, plus a conversion whose reason for existing is lost on me now.


If you’re still here you won’t mind seeing another box of partially painted horma/gants and a final shot of a box of assorted cannon fodder.


I think it would make sense to try to finish the warriors and zoanthropes and maybe have a go at the new tyrant and see how I feel about them. It’s not the kind of project I can bring with me abroad, so whatever I can do on them will have to be by the end of the summer.

Anyway, I’d be glad to know what you think about the colour scheme (anything you would change or improve?) and whether you have any particular mini that you would like to see painted.