Dirz #6 The project so far


A couple of group pictures of the Dirz models I have painted so far.


Apart from the bases, there is little that ties together the crossbowmen and the Dawn warriors, and I am not sure how much they feel like a whole…

Deuteros_Games_Dirz_Keratis Warrior_Next steps in the palette.JPG

Even though it’s not going to happen for a while, the next step in the project would be to paint some of these gorgeous Keratis warriors, and I’m not sure what colour scheme to use. The main thing will have to be choosing between a red or a cyan robe, I guess… What do you think?

Dirz #5 Dawn Warriors

Dawn warriors

Finally! Three complete Dawn warriors from the Rackham range.

As you can see I desaturated the bases, going from yellow sand to dirt and went for a dark purple base rim treated with brown and yellow so that it doesn’t stand out too much.

Dawn warrior 1

Dawn warrior 2

Dawn warrior 3

These are still rather quick paint jobs, but it was really fun to paint the blue, purple, turquoise and white NMM armour and the beautiful flowing capes.

Dawn warrior 1 backDawn warrior 2 back

Dawn warrior 3 back

I even found a nice spot for taking the pictures – the background is blurred, but it’s a very fitting, giant wall-sized print of The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Hieronymus Bosch.

I surely hope I’ll find more time to paint soon – I have some Infinity miniatures that are almost done and itching to be completed…

Dirz #3 Dawn warrior wip

I’m still painting.



But still painting.

Dawn warrior wip

I’m showing this as a work in progress, both because I am planning to bring out a few highlights still, and because I hope I’ll be able to take better pictures. The colour of the cape, in particular, is quite off in this one.

The sculpt is gorgeous and I tried not to ruin it too much. I took a couple of bold risks going for two cold colours for the metal and the cloth, and placing such a cold mini on a desert base. I did work some yellows here and there, but it does not show too much. Does the mini feel unbalanced to you?

Also, painting desert sand turned out not to be the easiest thing in the world… Do you have any suggestions?

Dirz #2 Viper wip

Another work in progress, since my bases are still lost in the mail… So, here’s my initial work on Ysis, a named character of the Dirz faction.

Ysis the Viper 1

The original paintjob for the card, as you can see, went for a nice blend of different off-white tones for the suit and a dark steel for the weapons.


I wanted something to match with the crossbowmen, so opted for a red suit and contrasting, pale blue nmm metals. As it stands now, I think the metals may be too monotonous, even though they suggest the idea of some kind of mechanical prosthesis, which I would be quite fitting. I’ll try to add some yellow reflections coming from the ground. I will also have to add a visible yellow spot somewhere, probably the lens on her mask.

Ysis the Viper 2

The figure is suitably slender for an assassin and its pose is charged with tension. Even though it’s difficult to capture it on photograph, the sculpt is literally dynamic: when you have it in your hands your are constantly invited to turn it and it works well from every angle.

Ysis the Viper 3

In relation to the rest of the Dirz miniatures, Ysis should provide a link between the crossbowmen and the armoured knights that came with her in the starter box, by combining the red tone of the cloth I used for the former with the blue-grey tones of the armour, which should be predominant in the latter.

She still needs some touching up, but what do you think so far?

Dirz #1 Work in progress

I didn’t want to post pictures of the new project until I had finished the bases as well, but since I still haven’t received them I’ll go on and share some of the Dirz models I’ve been working on.


Scorpion Neuromancer
Click for a larger version and a better look at the CGA armour.


The first model is a Scorpion Neuromancer – which is almost, almost, too badass a name to be cool. This mini I had won years ago at a painting competition for kids and painted in a horrible, flat, dusty-looking, pea-green cloak. Every time I was looking at my Rackham models he was screaming for a better paint job. I worked some ice blue and purples and darker green in the cloak, darkened the tunic and completely reworked the armour, which used to be TM gold.

Now for the armour I tried a new technique based on the high intensity 4 colours CGA palette. Here:

cgaOr, better, here:


I’m not going to use the CGA palette all the time, and I think it would be difficult to pull it off on a whole miniature, but for some smaller and weird looking NMM I really think it’s a nice idea.

Next, I was working on three Dirz Crossbowmen. Unfortunately I had bought the models second hand and they came with some layers of glue and paint on the junctures that I wasn’t able to remove entirely, but the beauty of their vaguely inhuman sculpt still shows without problems.

Dirz Crossbowman 1Dirz Crossbowman 1b

I decided these are going to be either homunculi or alchemically enhanced humans, so I added cyan and yellowgreen to the very pale skin tone. The only drawback, since they are going to sit on desert bases, is that they’ll need a lot of sun lotion.


Dirz Crossbowman 2Dirz Crossbowman 2b

Their izaars are done in the usual transition from purple to red that I like, to which I added some highlights of good old Citadel Ruby Red from a veteran pot of paint which has been with me for around 20 years.

Dirz Crossbowman 3bDirz Crossbowman 3

I’m not sure how well the dark miniature will fit with these lighter minis – we’ll have to see if common bases will do the trick…

I hope you like this new project, next I’ll probably show the assassin and possibly the first Nomads, who are currently on the workbench.