Goatman clanswarrior number four

Goatman clanswarrior 4With blonde hair and the first hint of a kilt, this is the goatman who sets the trend of the herd. He’s the dandy goat – or, as dandy a goat gets.

I noticed a few imperfections – I should shade down the highlight on the rim of the shield and take care of what looks like a blot of paint on the left knee, and I was also sure I had made a better job of highlighting the horns (but I don’t have the model with me now).

Nevertheless, I have a special liking for this one.  I feel the picture just doesn’t do him justice: when you keep him in your hands you can almost smell it. I’ll probably set him up in the front rank next to the champion – which, in the game-world twisted logic, means he’ll be one of the last to hit the dirt.


Goatman Jarl

Goatman jarl 1 Goatman jarl 2 Goatman jarl 3 Goatman jarl 4








I think this miniature was meant to be the General in a Beastmen battle box, back in the days. I’m still unsure whether to use it just as a hero level character, as the battle standard bearer (in that case I’ll find a way to mount a standard on his back), or, temporarily, as a Beastlord. If only virtually – I don’t really have time to dedicate to gaming any more – 9th age (the long awaited community-developed replacement of warhammer fantasy battles you should immediately check out) got me thinking of army builds and of actually using miniatures again. Fascinating.

For the time being, and keeping with my Norse theme, I’m calling him a Jarl.

Technically, I had already painted this miniature, but when I got back to it I decided to try some non-metallic highlights on the helm, the axe, and the armour. I’m especially happy about the results on the helm. Funny how from the front it looks like a typified Greek helmet and from the back the crest turns out to be a Mohawk.



Shields wanted

DevlingsDevlings! Arguably, ungor did look a bit like devils anyway, but the inspiration for this colour scheme comes from the homonymous faction from Battle for Wesnoth – a game that took a toll on my life several years ago, but oh so sweetly! Actually, devlings are way smaller than ungors, but I still liked the feeling. Here’s an artwork picture to give you an idea.

Nailers copySo many memories…

However, the main reason for this post is that I need to find suitable shields for these fellows. I might just go with old plain small round shields from gw, but I’d rather find something more interesting. I think a copper buckler would look nice, but it won’t really match with the spear, nor with the position on the arm. A pelte – ancient Greek shield used by light infantry – especially with a tear shaped cavity to rest the spear on would be even better, but frankly I don’t know where to find something like that. Alternatively, I could keep with the Norse theme, broadly intended, of the Goatmen I’ve been painting and go for a simple targe design. If anyone has any suggestions, they’re very much welcome!


Goatman clanswarrior number three

Goatman clanswarrior 3I had already painted this particular sculpt many many years ago, and at the time it was one of my best models. I can’t say the same of this one today, but I’m still happy with it. I’ll try to get a picture of the old model next to this for some nostalgia and comparison.

Second goatman clanswarrior

Goatman clanswarrior 2With such a pair of proud ibex horns, punkish hairdo and a sturdy mace, you sure don’t want to mess with this goat! Or, at least, that’s what he wants you to believe…

Note the mud-splat, no-nonsense design I chose for the herd’s shield after the disastrous silliness of the previous one. The goatman in the other post has now replaced his shield as well and he’s feeling fine and dandy – you’ll see him in the group picture I’m going to take at the end of the project.

Despite the looks of their warriors, goatmen are actually a pacific people and have a rather refined and ancient culture. If they ever take the warpath at all, it is to defend the barren, mountainous, lands they usually dwell from the ravages of human prospectors digging for ore. It is indeed in response to repeated invasions from the Isles of Roburgh and the Sin Empire that the goatmen of the Norralm have started federating themselves on the model of human clans.

Goatman clanswarrior

Goatman clanswarriorAnother restoration work, this time a metal beastman gor from games workshop.

I smoothed down the contrast on the horns a bit, enhanced the six pack and muscles with some slightly more reddish tones of brown, and turned the hair to something tawny.

On the blade, I added some rusty shadows and a rough light grey/cream lining, as seen in this video. The base was made with emergency material, since I left most of my good basing stock in Italy.

I tried my freehand on the shield, but the goatman was not satisfied with the results. He said he knew it was supposed to suggest a chaos symbol with something of an eerie eye on top and two gratuitous blobs on the bottom, and that would have been fine enough, but it actually ended up looking like a puffy tzeench cyclops trying to hug you. That was not going to fare well during the mating season brawls, I gathered… Fortunately I have more shields to experiment with, and a simpler red and white design in mind.