Orc ‘Eadbashers #12 – Almost done

Very brief post showing five more orcs, which leaves just one regular warrior and the standard bearer to finish the unit.

Orc 'Eadbashers 7

The painting style is of course mostly the same, but I started adding a few white spots in the final highlight of the skin. It works well to bring out the face and define the muscles – I think you can spot the effect on the second orc from the left…

Almost there!


Orc ‘Eadbashers #11 – Unit champion

A small conversion for an ‘Edbasher posing as an Iron Orc.

Orc 'Eadbasher Champion 2

Not a progress to be wowed about, but hey: progress. Bad photography screws up some of the nice effects, I will definitely invest in better lighting after the summer move in a few days.

’till next time.

Orc ‘Eadbashers #10 – Back in businezz

“You know how it is with orcs: the more there are the faster they gather.” Well, I’m not an orc and the whaagh principle does not seem to apply to painting, at least in my case.

Here’s five new recruits after the long hiatus.

Orc 'Eadbasher 23

This guy was the one I was painting when suddenly I had no time for painting anymore. I think it’s an old Blood Bowl sculpt. As usual the picture is a bit crappy, but after some tries I was quite happy of the impressionist nmm, at least on the shoulder pads. It’s a nice model, but it looks kinda small compared to the other orcs, and figure it was probably meant to be a black orc at the time. That’s the kind of inflation orcs would appreciate, though.

Orc 'Eadbasher 24Orc 'Eadbasher 25Orc 'Eadbasher 26

Next, the unit’s musician (yes, he’s playing with elbow and fist rather than with the mace, I found no other way to make the model work), then a boy with a nice face and one with a nice tunic and a shield that screams for some glue.

Finally, an orc whose lack of footing and general shabbiness perfectly represent the state of my hobby.

Orc 'Eadbasher 27

I have done some prep work on the seven remaining miniatures, as well as on the standard bearer and the general. June is going to be a crazy month work-wise, but I have the foolish hope that I will manage to complete the unit anyway…

We’ll see!

Jakub Rozalski

Remember all my carefully laid out plans for the hobby that saw the Vostroyan army quite far back in the queue? Well, I’m not going back on them, but this post from Scent of a Gamer pointing to the artwork of Jakub Rozalski just gave a (pleasant) kick in the belly. That’s exactly the mix of rural society and greasy mechas I had in mind.

Here are some pictures stolen from the web.

And here’s a Hungarian poster from the Soviet era  I photographed in the National Museum in Budapest that in some ways anticipates this kind of steampunkish imagery.




Orc ‘Eadbashers #9 – Dashing bashers

You know how it is with orcs: the more there are the faster they gather. Well, although this is not really fast, the project is getting a little momentum. I managed to finish five more ‘edbashers and started working on the standard bearer and the general.

Orc 'Eadbashers 6

The pictures are always a bit off, but I’m happy of my skin recipe, which is basically a thinned down trio of GW greenskin colours with the addition of a purple and a dark blue for the shades, as well as of how I ended up doing the leathers.

Orc 'Eadbashers 6 back

By using a series of colours at the moment of the basecoat and my reddish brown as a midtone I think I’m managing to keep these flat surfaces interesting and varied enough with very very little work.

The count is now twenty. Eleven more, the command group and then the main unit in the army will be ready for basing and the nightmare or ranking up!

Orc ‘Eadbashers #8 – The mob so far

With two new recruits and a total of seventeen orcs, I finally reached the halfway point in the project. Here’s a group picture.

The mob so far 5.JPG

As you can see, there are some issues when it comes to put the bases together in the unit, one more reason to plan the bases for the unit as a whole at the end. I think some rocky bases with some light gray in them would do a nice job, but I will have to verify whether they could work with the rest of the units first. Also, I may want to consider coming up with a nice unit filler…

‘Till next time!

Orc ‘Eadbashers #7 – Almost halfway

The mob so far 4.JPG

Another quick update with a new batch of ‘eadbashers of which I am quite proud. The photograph kills it a little, but the original colours are really crisp and I am getting to an easy and effective recipe for the nmm weapons and armour using metallic metal as the base colour.

Once I’ll get to the actual half of the unit, I’ll post a first group picture.

That’s all for today, slowly making progress…