Cadwallon Mordheim #3 – Cadwe Militiaman and Youngblood

I painted two more figs.

The first one is from the coyly named game Hell Dorado, intended to be used as a youngblood, or at any rate new recruit, in Mordheim. I kept the colour scheme quite brown, to match the crossbowmen and the dogs, even though he’s a bit brighter than them. He must have spent less time in the mud. For the first time in a while this is a mini I painted from scratch, with no old half-done painting over it already. As a result, I think the paintjob is cleaner than usual, with the exception of the blade that gave me a hard time.

He looks nicer from the back! At any rate a pretty good, versatile fig: I can see it work in many different games and a few different eras.

The next miniature is a Rackham Cadwe militia. Very pleasant to paint and I’m happy with it. I just wish I had picked out the folds of the red-brown cloth a bit more: they look nice in real life but disappear in the picture. The nmm on the sword is more cartoony, but I like it and I got lucky and made it work on the first try.

Here’s a group picture of the project so far.

Enjoy the winter break you all, till next time!


8 thoughts on “Cadwallon Mordheim #3 – Cadwe Militiaman and Youngblood”

  1. That’s a great looking warband! I really like the bleakness you get across with the colour choices – very Mordheim indeed πŸ‘

    1. That was the idea! I may have been carried away with the “cleanness” of that youngblood model… I have another I’ll try to paint darker and dirtier, and maybe then I’ll dirty up the other one as well.

    1. Thanks! It’s nice to know you ilke them, makes it more pleasant to paint. πŸ™‚ Next on the table another militiaman with a pig’s head on his shield and a rather haughty nobleman…

    1. Cheers! I’m experimenting with higher contrast highlights, now working on a couple of red velvet coats for the champions…

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