Cave goblin spears #12 – Mad git

I stole some time from the desert of the real, and I have a simple goblin figure to share, a Rackham Goblin with Ball and Chain, to be used as a Mad Git in 9th Age, a Fanatic in Oldhammer or however GW now calls these crazed little chaps.

I’m really sorry I couldn’t find the time to read everybody’s posts lately – I have an impressive backlog to go through now. But I will, slowly.

The sculpt is nice, though a little messy here and there. And don’t ask how the goblin can spin… Chains were a pain to do nmm on and they didn’t turn out that well, plus the paint was chipping all the time no idea why. (Does anybody know a good tutorial on nmm chains or has advice on how to do them?)

I tried to improve my basing a little (hey! the model has a base, that’s an improvement already) and reorganised my basing material.

Handy, but I still need some brighter green grass…

Anyway, glad to be back, in some sort of way.

17 thoughts on “Cave goblin spears #12 – Mad git”

    1. Cheers, thanks! If I remember correctly there were at least two more versions, enough to have the requisite 3 for a unit…

      1. I’m really bad with recognizing confrontation models. They’ve got their own style, but I’m not aware of a lot of them. I tend to only see (and consequently buy) them at crisis…. It’s a shame that won’t happen this year…

        1. Did I mention the Confrontation pills website to you already? They have a rather complete catalogue of cards, which covers most of the Rackham minis…

  1. I haven’t seen goblin fanatic/mad git like that one. It’s a fun model – a nice figure with a good pose, well painted.

  2. Nice to see an old Rackham model. I have an entire Goblin troupe unpainted in a drawer. Love the bulging eye and skintone. The NMM works well, too. All in all a nice comicesque style that suits the sculpt well.

    1. Thanks! I did take a risk with pale blue metals, but I glad I got away with it. 😉 I would love to see some of the Rackham goblins painted by you.

      1. The Goblins are in hibernation for at least 10 years now. Maybe it is indeed time to paint one up. Always liked the Stroehm knights, so maybe those will be first.

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