Wolfen #3 – a crossbow

How long did it take for a medieval weaponsmith to make a crossbow?

I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure it took less than it took me to paint this very tiny one…

Still, I wanted to share this because I tried and liked a set of browns for wood that blend quite well and easily together.

In case you are interested, these are from Lifecolor – Wood warm base, Wood light shade, Wood dark shade, and Portland stone.

Just for fun, here’s (the state of) my palette for the Wolfen so far. You can see it’s been a challenge!

6 thoughts on “Wolfen #3 – a crossbow”

  1. Ah, but would that medieval weaponsmith have ended up with something that looked as good – that’s the key question! Looking forward to seeing this one finished, I loved the old Wulfen with crossbow. Always nice when Rackham models pop up in my feed, I still miss them!

    1. Thanks. I hope I can put some paint on the rest of the model soon enough! Yes, I feel nostalgic about Rackham miniatures too. On the other hand, when you are painting them they still feel like new models. The impression was even stronger with the Alchemists of Dirz.

  2. Beautifully done. I’ve yet to make the jump to NMM, and have dabbled a couple times, but I’m nowhere near confident enough to do it full time haha! If I did, I’d never get anything done!

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