Wolfen warrior #1 – in progress

On to some Rackham wolfen, which are very dear models to me and among those who really made me want to learn how to paint. Unfortunately I sold the first few wolfen I painted years ago, but now I got quite a few from the old range and I’m going to spend some time on them.

This is an old warrior, with the typical sword design and just a basic leg and head swap.

The nmm on the blade took time: I found it much easier to do a good effect on the two blades pointing downwards than on the large surface of the main blade.

The skin is still not done, but I have started to work some purple tones in the gray, to see if it’s true that it would make the model look more lifelike.

The metal on the two pads on his thighs is very blue and meant to be more reflective and bright. I still have to tone it down and add some shadows on the side, but what do you think so far? Does it look strange?

Clearly I should add more color variation in the skin, especially here in the back. And I have to find a nice pop shade of blond for the tail and hair.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to paint much during the holiday season. Best wishes to everybody and catch you in January!

10 thoughts on “Wolfen warrior #1 – in progress”

    1. Thanks!
      I’m not 100% sure because I was fiddling around, but…. (On white undercoat), I painted the whole plates turquoise, then drew a bold highlight in ice grey mixed with a little blue and then a couple of almost transparent coats of white highlight, brushstrokes horizontal and a bit spaced. Now I’m adding a few glazes of darker blue and purple at the edges.

  1. I always was in so much awe of the painted Rackham models that I never got into their games. You have done a nice job in this one.

  2. Wait… how? You liked the models so much you did not want to play the game?
    I thought Confrontation was rather messy, some of the profiles were clearly overpowered and the rules prone to exploitation. In the end I came up with a home-made game to play the miniatures with my friends. I don’t think you missed much, gaming-wise, but there is a community driven version of the game available at confrontationpills.altervista.org, where you can also find a copy of most of the cards. I haven’t tried this version game, but it looks similar enough and a bit more streamlined.
    Also, I think some of the miniatures in the range could work very well for Mordheim…
    Thanks for the comment and sorry for the long rant! šŸ™‚

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