Goblin knight #1 – Sketching

It appears that this goblin was able to run ahead and get on my painting table before the others.

The rider is a lovely Rackham sculpt with some clear Froud-esque influences. I love the shape of the lance, the flowing lines of the helmet and the ace of spades decoration.

I love what seems to have been the standard design for the goblin’s armoured feet a little less, as it is rather a pain to do nmm on.

This guy was supposed to ride a giant rat, but he looked dynamic and “knightly” enough to mount a giant wolf instead – an arguably nobler mount, and also one that would make more sense for a regular goblin. I will be saving the rat for a night / cave goblin character.

He still has a rat on his helmet, though. Will it be scurrying off, I wonder, to rat out to its Skaven masters?

Now for the mount… I’m not used to painting fur, or animals. The last wolves I painted were the tiny rigid old plastic sculpts for the Goblin wolf riders, and the Fenrisian wolf I chose as a mount for this model comes packed with the new GW flair, calling for a whole new style. This is the picture I’m using as a reference – the GW model looks like the angry, famished, threatening, meth-addicted version of this lovely animal, but still…

The colours in the pictures below are just sketched in. I’ll probably add some black tips and work some more white in the recesses as I go about refining the sketch. Wish me luck, and if you have any tips or tutorials to share they’ll be very welcome! (Azazel, you know I’ll be scouting your blog for inspiration, right?)

9 thoughts on “Goblin knight #1 – Sketching”

  1. I actually have that same Goblin I got with a job lot of stuff… He looked so broad, I didn’t know what to do with him, but one of those larger wolves is a great idea – I have a box of them left over so I’ll probably steal this. But I guess they’ll never be as nicely painted as yours πŸ˜‰

    1. He is very big, indeed. most of the Rackham goblins are oversized compared to the GW, but I figured that’s actually quite fitting for bosses and kings. Go ahead! I’m glad you like the idea of putting him on a big wolf πŸ™‚
      btw, I love your blog and I hope I’ll be able to take half a day at some point and go through all the different greenskins models you showcase taking notes!

      1. While skimming through your older stuff I also found the one with the moonlike helmet and steam armour – I used that guy fairly recently as well. But I guess you were way earlier, your post was from 2017… Great mind think alike I guess πŸ˜„
        Thank you 😊 it’s scary how many models exist (scary for my wallet at least), there’ll be several more entries on the list before I’m done. I always love to see the spike in clicks when someone does this. Very motivating that the list has some use for a few people 😊

        1. I had seen your moon helmet goblin too and nodded πŸ™‚
          You’re kidding, that’s a very nice, very useful job you’re doing. There are so many interesting models out there and so little time (and money) to actually explore.
          I’m a bit busy at the moment but expect a spike soon!

  2. Last time I viewed this post I was on my phone on the way to work – and then I never got back to the comments. As I said in the last comment on the following post – I love how the wolf turned out, and we can see the progression from early to completed in this pic. Thank you for the praise/shoutout as well! πŸ™‚

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