Orc Warlord #3 – Ready to roll

I have finally completed the warlord.

As usual, one could go on smoothing and adding more detail and texture, but I’m satisfied with how the model looks at the moment. I think it’s a solid improvement over the orcs in the big unit I painted two years ago and that he will stand out enough, once he joins it, to be accepted as a leader.

The back looked more or less right already in the last work-in-progress pictures, so I have worked more on the front and smoothed the transitions on the axe a little.

Following your approval, I have painted the knight’s head as old but not quite rotting. I can see him throwing it to invite a horde of squids / gnashers to a game of fetch, and hopefully directing them towards the enemy in the process.

As the warlord walks away clunking in search of a suitable base (I can tell you it’s going to take a while), new green twisted heroes are squabbling to get into the limelight…

9 thoughts on “Orc Warlord #3 – Ready to roll”

  1. Man that looks great Carlo. Nice work! I happen to be doing some sprite work for orcs for a game mod currently and this gives me an idea of something to do on my warboss.

  2. Lovely work! The nmm looks really good, and I like that little green charm (dwarf head?). Hopefully he’ll find a good base before too long!

    1. Cheers! Basing will happen in late December I’m afraid, although I’ve gotten a couple of nice patches of moss where the warlord can lay his head in the meantime. I had imagined the green charm as a jade trinket or protective stone, but it does look like a diminutive dwarf head…

    1. Thanks! You should definitely try nmm out, it’s a very nice technique. I started adding simple shadows and highlights on a metal base color, by hand rather than using washes. Then you can begin to add some colour to the metal areas…

  3. The blackened Iron of his NMM armour has come out fantastically, and the subtle but clear state of the head in the helm is also well done – understated enough to be a little disturbing as opposed to the cartoony decay of something like the Poxwalker models.

    1. Good to know about the head. 🙂 The look of the orcs and goblins army is a bit cartoony and not grim at all, but I like it like that. At some point, however, I’d like to try the gorier and darker side of the palette…

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