Orc Warlord #2 – Armour and axe

Just a quick update on the Warlord.

I’ve glued the arm with the axe in place and sketched some nmm there. But I mostly worked on the back side, where most of the plates of armour are and where they are most exposed to the light. I always imagine a 45 degrees light from the miniature’s right side – some mid-morning light for the heat of the battle – and the front of the armour in this case mostly falls in the shadows.

I am pleased with the axe so far, even though on one hand it could be smoother and on the other it should probably be dirtier. I don’t think that head has chopped itself off on its own…

Would you believe that it’s not a fresh head, though? Something like an old lucky charm (rabbit’s foot, knight’s head, not a great difference), or do I have to splatter the whole miniature with blood? It will really make a difference once I have to finish the model and paint the head itself…

6 thoughts on “Orc Warlord #2 – Armour and axe”

  1. Really nice work on that axe mate! I reckon it could just be a head he carries around.
    The new Orc (or Orruk – *insert rolled eyes here*) book for AoS contains a great little piece about an Warboss that has two heads on spikes that he asks for advice (much like good old Queek Headtaker). They come across a Chaos fortress and the whole horde halts whilst the boss consults with the two decapitated heads on how best to attack. According to the Orc the two heads get into an argument, and whilst he’s sitting listening to them have it out some Stormcast Eternals show up and destroy the Chaos force. The Orcs are outraged by this queue jumping and immediately set about the Stormcasts on the grounds that they’re owed a fight with somebody. Change a few of the names and it’s a story that would work well in WHFB (or 40k for that matter).

    Anyway, rather than risking messing with that lovely NMM by splattering blood all over it, I vote for the “lucky knight’s head” idea. It could be that he’s showing the head the battle (in case it felt like it was missing out) rather than having just decapitated someone.

    1. Cheers, and thanks for sharing that lovely bit of narrative featuring a rather Quixotic orc! It looks like GW has not abandoned the wacky storytelling entirely – I’m glad.
      I’m also really glad you’re supporting my story for the severed head – the idea of throwing red paint on this chap scared me! I’ll paint the head a bit rotting and I’ll try some blood effects another time.

      1. Not so unrealistic, actually. Most “normal” metal in real life looks like whatever shade of dull grey unless it’s been polished up. Blackened Iron is and was certainly a thing for armour, as well!

        1. You’re right. I wasn’t particularly looking for realism and I just thought the blue was maybe a bit too much, even though I like. But if it comes through as realistic enough, all the better! 🙂

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