Nomads #6 – Mobile brigada and complete Nomads starter set

Not the easiest model to paint in the set, also because I was feeling a little burned out, but here is the Mobile brigada in all its microscopic redness.

The multi-rifle with flamethrower has been especially tricky: for some reason I couldn’t get it to look like metal, and even now it’s not completely there.

Unlike for the Zero, I kept the effects somewhat understated. But the figure is done to an acceptable standard, and the sculpt is awesome enough, I hope, to qualify for Azazel’s Awesome August community painting challenge.

Here’s a picture of the complete starter box. After a few more tyranids, I’ll be taking a break from sci-fi for a while and go back to orcs and wolves.

8 thoughts on “Nomads #6 – Mobile brigada and complete Nomads starter set”

  1. They all have quality poses. The ‘chap’ with the knife is still my favourite. I really like the way you’ve used white to contrast the red armour. It’s really effective.

    1. Thanks! You can edge highlight in light grey or white and then “eat” some of that with thin layers of red. Once you get the hang of it it is not so time consuming.
      But I agree with you, the Zero remains my favourite.

  2. Love it! The Infinity miniatures are always hard work to paint in my experience. I think perhaps it is just that their sculptors only look for things to be cool, and don’t consider the practical needs of a painters getting a paintbrush into an awkward spot.

    The group shot at the end could easily be the promo photograph on CB’s website.

    1. Thanks! You’re way too generous 🙂
      These models didn’t have any hard-to-reach spot. The only care I had to take was to paint the gun of the sniper separately.

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