Nomads #2 – Grenzers wip

A wip picture of this Nomad sniper, mostly because the front armour plate will be partly covered up by the rifle when the model is assembled.

Grenzers 1 wipI wanted him to look a little bit darker and stealthy-looking than the Alguaciles, with their red uniform, but I still mixed a little bit of red on the armour to tie the miniature to the others. You can see it better on the back, perhaps.

Grenzers 1 back wipThey surely lack the variety and sheer inventiveness of Confrontation, but as for sheer class I consider Infinity miniatures like the cyberpunk Rackham.

On the other hand, I see little possibilities of cross-overs with 40k or anything grimdark. Perhaps only in the Van Saar direction, and this particular mini could be painted as a Vindicare assassin, I guess… How do they fare here in the community?

8 thoughts on “Nomads #2 – Grenzers wip”

  1. Very cool – that red is lovely! I reckon you’re right about making a good Van Saar, or maybe a Spyrer? Perfect assassin material though πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, a Spyrer of course! Actually, in the Infinity range there are many sculpts that have the expensive, stylish, equipment and the air of cold danger befitting the Spyrers (for what I remember) without the “superhero” vibes of the classic models…

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