Dirz #3 Dawn warrior wip

I’m still painting.



But still painting.

Dawn warrior wip

I’m showing this as a work in progress, both because I am planning to bring out a few highlights still, and because I hope I’ll be able to take better pictures. The colour of the cape, in particular, is quite off in this one.

The sculpt is gorgeous and I tried not to ruin it too much. I took a couple of bold risks going for two cold colours for the metal and the cloth, and placing such a cold mini on a desert base. I did work some yellows here and there, but it does not show too much. Does the mini feel unbalanced to you?

Also, painting desert sand turned out not to be the easiest thing in the world… Do you have any suggestions?

8 thoughts on “Dirz #3 Dawn warrior wip”

  1. He looks fine to me mate – I like the colour choices, and the leather gloves warm it up some. Not sure what the issue is withthe base… I start mine with a sandy base colour, wash with brown, and then drybrush all the way up to a bone colour… don’t know if that helps or not

    1. Yes, I used in the gloves the same yellow I used in the base. My issue with the base is that its colour is flat – also, that it may contrast too much with the model, but that’s another issue. I will try pushing the highlights toward bone or white, but at the same time I wanted the yellow to be more intense. Sand reflects a lot of light, and that’s not easy to render. I have also used a blue base colour (crazy me) because I wanted the shadows to match the shadows on the model. It’s very subtle, but that at least that is working.
      Yup, long reply sorry! 🙂

  2. I like the colors on the mini, they come together nicely, but I agree that the base is in a little conflict with the model when the mini is standing on its own. Don’t know how it fits with your other minis bases, but maybe painting the rim black would fit better for this particular model?

    1. Yes, I agree. Thanks for your comment. The bases should be one of the elements that keep the force together – I should find the time to paint some and see, but I’m not sure it’s going to work. I will try to work some more yellows on the miniature: it would only make sense since the armour should be reflecting the sand a little bit. All the other models in the faction have some yellow on them so far, and the base should work quite well in that case.
      I have tried painting the rim in a darker sand colour, but did not like it. Black could indeed be a better idea.

      1. I’ve only recently begun to paint black rims myself and with some exceptions I think I like it more. It has the effect of locking/framing in the base regardless of color and texture. But as you say, it might not work everytime.

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