Nomads #1 – Alguaciles wip

Two snapshots of one of the three Infinity Nomads Alguaciles I’ve been painting. They look too much militaristic to feel like real anarchists, but well that’s a common problem in miniature painting, ins’t it?

Alguaciles 1a

I decided to begin with a close reinterpretation of the studio colour scheme. The challenge there is that you have the same red on two very different textures – the pants and the armour plates. I solved this using white and turquoise as highlights for the armour and brighter red for the pants. On this particular model the base colour for the armour is a darker red-purple (obtained mixing turquoise and red), while for the other models I chose to have the pants slightly darker than the armour.

Alguaciles 1b

The upper part of the vest is dark grey with highlights in the same turquois, as are the boots and the weapons – all made with slightly different amounts of shade and highlight. Does the mini feel too homogeneous? The head came out a little too bright in the picture, but I should probably add some more shadows to the hair anyway…

The two other Alguaciles are almost ready and soon I should be able to start working on the bases.

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