Dirz #2 Viper wip

Another work in progress, since my bases are still lost in the mail… So, here’s my initial work on Ysis, a named character of the Dirz faction.

Ysis the Viper 1

The original paintjob for the card, as you can see, went for a nice blend of different off-white tones for the suit and a dark steel for the weapons.


I wanted something to match with the crossbowmen, so opted for a red suit and contrasting, pale blue nmm metals. As it stands now, I think the metals may be too monotonous, even though they suggest the idea of some kind of mechanical prosthesis, which I would be quite fitting. I’ll try to add some yellow reflections coming from the ground. I will also have to add a visible yellow spot somewhere, probably the lens on her mask.

Ysis the Viper 2

The figure is suitably slender for an assassin and its pose is charged with tension. Even though it’s difficult to capture it on photograph, the sculpt is literally dynamic: when you have it in your hands your are constantly invited to turn it and it works well from every angle.

Ysis the Viper 3

In relation to the rest of the Dirz miniatures, Ysis should provide a link between the crossbowmen and the armoured knights that came with her in the starter box, by combining the red tone of the cloth I used for the former with the blue-grey tones of the armour, which should be predominant in the latter.

She still needs some touching up, but what do you think so far?

15 thoughts on “Dirz #2 Viper wip”

  1. Mate, that’s brilliant, I love the metals. NMM isn’t something I’ve tried – keep meaning to, but I find it quite intimidating! Kudos on taking it on & making it look so good πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like it! When I started trying I was simply drawing some nmm shadows on true metals – you have more control than with washes and even if it’s going to be mostly dark grey you can steal in a bit of colour as well. πŸ™‚

  2. That’s excellent. Completely agree with Alex regarding the NMM but also wanted to praise the red leather, it really is particularly nice. Makes me want to dig out some of my old Rackham stuff, such a shame they’re no longer in business.

    1. Cheers! I’d love to see some Rackham models painted by you. I wonder what faction(s) did you choose and… would you try to convert those as well? πŸ˜‰

      1. Surely to start chopping up such beautiful models would be sacrilege! I’m not sure I’d dare do anything other than paint them straight out of the box. I actually have various models from across the range but my heart was always sold on the Drune Kelts and Mid Nor dwarves, and that’s what I have the most of. I was rather hoping that the Darkoath from GW would be more like the Drunes but from what we’ve seen so far they are a bit more don’t have that underfed, feral, sinister element that made the Drunes so excellent, leaning more towards the Sessairs.

        1. I’ve always dreamed of including some Mid Nor in a demonic beastmen army – well, an army I will probably never have the time to complete, but possibly a warband… And you are right, Drunes are a hard-to-match, beautifully disturbing, dark version of wasteland barbarians. The Horned Raiders are my favourite models in the faction – I like them so much I still haven’t found the guts to paint them! I also liked the Sessairs, though.

  3. Good work, especially those metals. The sculpt is really lovely too, and somehow iconically Confrontation-esque. It sort of reminds me of the clockwork assassin from the film version of Hellboy.

    1. Thanks! You’re right, the sculpt is very distinctive and it does look like that character, minus the Nazi paraphernalia. πŸ™‚

  4. Really beautiful work here – the combo of red leather and NMM looks sublime. I also note that Rackham’s sculptors had perfected the “cheesecake” angle so that you can see the figure’s face, butt and some sideboob from the same angle!

    1. Oh, I didn’t notice that. To me, the sculpt is nice because it is dynamic – makes you turn the model around and the model works from all angles. Non-exploitative portrayals of women are rare in miniature sculpts, but I wouldn’t say Rackham was the worst πŸ˜‰

      1. Infinity have some of the best and some of the worst across their ranges, I think! I always think of that warrior-nun with her arse hanging out of a g-string. :O

          1. Oh dear… There are new models for Reverend Moiras now, and they all have cloaks to cover their back, but the underwear concept seems to be always the same. Ok, they are anarchist nuns (?!), but still…

          2. Well, as long as they’ve remained sexy, pigeon-toed, lingerie-wearing combat nuns, I guess it’s all good. πŸ˜‰

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