Bizmarks # 14 – Groupshot

And here they are!

Group shot

I have to say that this is probably my first finished project ever – or at least the thing that comes closer to it. It feels nice to know that I can pull something like this off despite the many and often all too serious demands of real life.

Greeting from the Underhive, until next time!


I know the lasgun ganger in the back on the left looks way too dark now compared to the others, even if his suit is technically blue. For the moment, he’ll be the stealthy guy – he’ll get a new suit at some point.


7 thoughts on “Bizmarks # 14 – Groupshot

    • Cheers! And now I’m waiting to see whether Scavvies will get a release, in that case I will give my older models a dust off and see if they can match with the new style.

  1. Argh! Lost my original comment!
    That’s one hell of an impressive looking gang. Old-school models with modern paint on them – a very appealing combination!

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