Bizmarks # 11 – Flashing guns

Ganger with lasgun and autopistol 1aGanger with lasgun and autopistol 1b

Take two of brush versus 1990s clutter. A definite improvement if you ask me. The upper back is still somewhat off, but I am pleased with the rest. I liked playing with subtle tones of gray on the guns and while the lasgun turned out a little toyish, the autogun is fine.


6 thoughts on “Bizmarks # 11 – Flashing guns

  1. Very nice mate – and for what it’s worth, the upper back is that kind of area where nobody else would ever notice, but it’s your own critical eye that’s slightly unhappy with it. I honestly can’t see any issue there even though you’ve pointed it out as a concern..

    • Thank you – it’s just that there are six different kinds of texture from left arm to right shoulder and they all look the same… not a big deal of course, I just like being hypercritical because that’s one of the ways I improve. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I am pretty happy with how this one came out.

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