Bundle purchase

Given the monumental scale of my lead pile, I usually forbid myself to buy new minis. If this post is here it’s because I just received an exception in my mailbox – in the form of a apparently haphazard bundle of Rackham miniatures – and wanted to share (literally, you’ll see) some of it with you.

Keltois warriors

There’s three Keltois warriors, one with a nasty break at the ankles. When I was a kid I had won a small painting prize with a miniature from the same army and it would be nice to try painting one again and see the improvement. Here it is.

Plus, I’m toying with a rules set in which Nordic barbarians feature prominently, so at some point I will put them to use…

Necro bombastic

Next, a bombastic fellow who is definitely losing the staff in his right arm (picture the blade as a goblin moon symbol) and serve as a necromancer, or losing both staffs and the sword and end up as a sacrificial victim.

Mini undertaker

The little one, instead, will make a nice addition on a corpse cart or some unit filler for the undead.

Putto with axe

This other tiny mini is quite hilarious – I don’t have an idea for it yet, but it will definitely look nice as part of a big model, maybe even trying to pull the ax out of a wound on a big monster.

Lantern holders

These two little devils with a lantern are going to be a fantastic addition to my devil-themed ungors. I could have bought the set just for this model!

Finally, two figures I can easily integrate in the ongoing orcs & goblins project: the goblin with the blunderbuss can substitute a goblin knight on a giant rat I already have and serve as a character with the Skull splitter magic weapon; the other one I can put on a chariot (he is sitting, in case you were wondering, I just propped him up so you can see the sculpt better).

Forest goblin chieftain

This guy instead, a perfect forest goblin chieftain, is a double – I already have one and I won’t be converting it or painting it twice. So, to celebrate my good luck in finding such a good bargain for all these nice miniatures, and to thank you for reading the post to its end, I’m going to ship it for free to any of you readers expressing an interest!

Step right up!


12 thoughts on “Bundle purchase”

    1. You are right. Even with the abundance of thrilling new sculpts, Rackham models have something that gets me every time.

    1. I guess we have to compliment the guy who collected them in the first place, I’m almost sorry he decided to let them go… but I plan to make good use of them!

    1. Cheers! The first one is going to be the goblin with the blunderbuss, the others will have to wait a while, unfortunately…

  1. Great stuff! And if you don’t already have a home for that Rackham Goblin… I’ve got my own greenskins that suffer from a total lack of Rackham

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