Gnasher herd #1 – Gnashers test group

The next cave goblin unit I’m going to be working on for the 9th age incarnation of my longstanding, unpainted, first army is a gnasher herd – in oldspeak, a horde of night goblin squig hunters.

In this test group I tried out the colour scheme and a technique for the skin that is fast enough but does not compromise on the smoothness.

Gnasher test group
Chew chew, gobble gobble!

I always loved this unit as a player: two strength 5 weapon skill 4 attacks from each squig in the first rank had always been sheer evil and now, in horde formation and with the new rules that make the unit immune to psychology, they have gotten even better. Plus, since it’s not a very common unit, it often brings to it the added benefit of surprise.

From a modelling and painting perspective too, it’s a potentially very rewarding unit. I have a mix of old 1990s models and some new models from the 2000s, and though the later are clearly better, both have their charms. On top of that, I’m going to use a few Rackham goblin mutants models both as squig substitutes and as alternative handlers (or prodders, as they were called). So, I will be going for a “weird things from the caves” theme, not with a gnasher herd proper, but I’ll still be able to field a smaller unit of pure squigs and goblin handlers.

In order to reach 40 models, but more importantly in order not to crowd together the models too much, I’m going to use a few unit fillers and bases of different sizes.

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The tongue on this one is oddly sculpted: I tried to draw some red inside the maws to suggest that the tongue is actually continuing over there and not just popping out of the teeth as it would otherwise have seemed. Apart from this, it is a great sculpt and a real pleasure to paint.

Gnasher 2a

Number two is one of the old models. You can see that the skin scheme works for it as well – though the red / white works better on the newer squigs. I still added some turquoise in the teeth base colour – as I did for the little squig coming with the goblin horde champion – but toned it down with gray and black, so it’s there bringing a little coolness, but without making the teeth look too weird.

I really like to paint red on a purple base, and I’m going quite often for purple shadows across the whole goblins project. I’m rather pleased with this one’s lower lip, I’ll try to repeat the effect on the other models as well, but it’s more difficult with the 90s squigs, who have very thick lips and “blocky” gums.

Finally, I chose this one for the test group because of the scales or spikes on the back and there are two more squig models (the old Gobbla and one of the newer set) that have a lot of “bone” on them as well, which I’m planning to do more or less like the scales. I might push the contrast more, but it might also be ok like this I still have to decide. I mixed some purple in the brown base and that worked out very well.

I will go with similar bases to those of the cave goblin horde of course (still working on them!), but probably put more dark coloured rocks, both for contrast with the red of the gnashers’s skin and because they dwell in deeper caves than even cave goblins do.

That’s all for today. Next one prodder team and two more old-school squigs.

6 thoughts on “Gnasher herd #1 – Gnashers test group”

  1. Very cool old Squigs and your paint scheme really works well with them :). I’m currently trying to work out what to do with mine (ok, putting it off would be more accurate) in terms of rebasing them to match my Orks, or leaving their bases matching my Orcs and Goblins… Now you’ve got me thinking about the whole mess again.

    1. Thanks 🙂 Can you use squigs with Orks now, as a unit? That’d be neat. Demon players often go for round bases and then rank them up on a tray when they want to play Fantasy…

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