Cave Goblin Witchdoctors #2 – Mutant witcher WIP

I started working on this extremely pleasing Rackham miniature which will represent a cave goblin witch doctor following the way of witchcraft.

I decided to include mutants alongside the classic squigs or gnashers from the caves – it fits the theme of general weirdness of the cave dwellers and will allow me to throw in the occasional outstanding model. The figure has a tail that you can barely see which suggests a brush with skaven warpstone.

I went for a silk aquamarine robe, with turquoise, green and blue shades and watered-down white reflexes (still working on it, of course), a definitely rougher rag mouth scarf – put on in haste to protect himself from the foulness of elven perfume – and added to the usual cave goblin skin palette some violet and some extra pure yellow for dramatic highlights.

Pictures are meh, I’m sorry, but what do you think so far?


5 thoughts on “Cave Goblin Witchdoctors #2 – Mutant witcher WIP”

  1. Freaky! It might just be the lighting (or the sculpt?), but I can’t quite work out what’s going on with his face.

    1. Yep, the picture is pretty bad. The face is part buried in a scarf, the nose is propped over it, but the sculpt is crisp enough in my opinion. There are no highlights as yet, so you can’t see his features clearly – that’s maybe the case. I was also experimenting with some yellow glow around the eyes – the idea is that he is somewhat imbued with magical energy, and also it would match with the yellow medallion in the lower part of the model – but I still have to work on that. 🙂

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