Cave goblin spears #11 – Basing test group

Given the popular demand, I decided to go on with the basing, despite the lack of new fancy supplies.

First I worked on the old fanatics round bases and then, reasonably satisfied, I moved on to the first two goblins.

Cave goblin basing 1
On to your flowery grave

Now, two out of three of the fanatic bases were already completely covered in static grass. On the third – the black one – I first glued and painted some sand to represent clayey terrain and then added rocks, tufts, flowers and static grass.

The base of the two spear-wielding goblins has been made in the same way, but with more rocks in proportion – I used very small chunks of cork, painted dark gray and then highlighted.

Since I didn’t glue the models to the bases, it was easy to glue the sand on the surface of the base before setting the model in the slot.

I like how a base with some height works well even with small sized models like these.

Here’s an overhead shot.

Cave goblin basing 2
Roaming the grasslands

The available surface on the square bases is very small, and it’s a bit difficult to avoid a “front-back” design that would look unnatural. I’ll try to give some general consistency to the bases of the whole unit, but going for continuous areas of terrain may end up having some of the bases too focused on a single element – the trick works better with bigger bases, and I want some variety on each and every base.

So, anyway. What’s your impression? Do they work well enough? Any suggestions?

I’ll go on with the rest of the unit as soon as I receive the green light. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Cave goblin spears #11 – Basing test group”

  1. Looks good to me. I go for individual but consistent basing on mine across the unit or army rather than worrying about how they look ranked up. The eye just glosses over that anyway in my experience, unless you go out of your way to create a scene that works across multiple, specific models.
    So in short – thumbs up!

    1. Yes, I agree. It’s a bit different when you have large base areas like with monstrous cavalry, but in the case of small-sized ranked infantry it’s better to go for individual consistent basing.

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