Cave goblin spears #9 – Some balls

Voilà, the next to last batch of cave goblin spears!

Spears 5.JPG

We want bases!

I realised I missed the eyes on the little fellow to the left of the formation, but apart from that they look ok. This time I put some checkers on the hem of a couple of cloaks – they don’t look very good in one line only – and two different kinds of triangle patters on two others, for variety.

Out from the mists of the past, here’s three old fanatics, who miraculously managed to keep their balls intact, and which I am nostalgic enough not to retouch. Eventually, I’ll try to find some replacements.

Old Fanatics

Crude, but still effective

I’ll do my best to wrap up the painting part of the project by next week!

Then (still without the new supplies) there will be basing…


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