Cave goblin spears #6 – Goblin king

Cave goblin king with steam armour
I’m steaming!

Running on steam, foul brew, mind-bending mushrooms, ignorance and evil the king in his metal skin rules in the caves. Although honestly it looks more like the armour was put together with pieces of a dwarven stove, the king is proud of his magic trinket, which at once symbolizes his power and helped more than once against backstabbing.

This gorgeous Rachkam miniature stands out just enough and brings the right kind of chutzpah to the unit. In fact, I had to find a way for it not to stand out too much. The original colour scheme for the model, although I love the blues on the metal and I would have liked the shape of the helmet to suggest a moon using some yellow, would not have worked.

Becbunzen-Confrontation-card-1So I went for some dark non-metallic metal, which was not easy to pull off. I’m reasonably pleased, but it’s still a long way to nmm country.

Yes, he has some sort of gas mask on his chest, which makes little sense. But that’s goblins for you, folks. More to come!

PS Anyone wants to come up with a name?

One thought on “Cave goblin spears #6 – Goblin king”

  1. Aw, he’s cool mate – took me a minute to dial in to the mini and get the idea with the armour, but it is lovely once seen 🙂 Don’t know about names and such, but something ‘ironmoon’ seems appropriate

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