Cave goblin spears #5 – Clubbers and spears

Cave goblin clubbers

We were clubbing in the ’90s and we’re still at it!

Clubbers don’t have specific rules anymore in the 9th age, but do you think they care? They are nice sculpts and they break up the monotony of the ranks of their millennial comrades.

Now that I look at them in picture, I might put a darker glaze on the left one’s rope belt – the effect is a bit too stark, don’t you think?

Spears 3

Spearheading the O&G project.

Here I’m trying to use the moons to add some variety and flash. In the future I’ll have to use a glaze medium to put the purple on the shield, using a wash works fine to the real eye but not so well for the camera, it seems.

Anyway, I’m almost halfway through the regiment – it can be done! Beware, for next will come the king…