Cave goblin spears 4 – Net chukkas and more spears

Net chukkas

Chukka chaps.

These models are from the early 90s, I think – they were featured in the 4th edition codex codex. I was happier with them before seeing them in picture, I really have to spend some time building that light box…

Spears 2

We don’t like the light!

The light is still messing with them somewhat, but the faces are vivid enough and the efforts on the moons seem to show through. I’m playing with the shields, since they are practically the only part of the models where you can add some variation.

In case you’re wondering why I’m not basing them, I placed an order almost a month ago for some supplies, and I’m still waiting for it – I’ll go for something close to what I did on Grom’s chariot base, but I want too add some small tufts here and there…

More to come!


4 thoughts on “Cave goblin spears 4 – Net chukkas and more spears

    • Thanks, I’m getting the hang of this. They’re rewarding to paint even in large groups: the textures are varied – the moon on the shield, the skin, the cloak – and somehow it doesn’t feel like you’re painting the same sculpts over and over.

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