Cave goblin spears #3 – Netters and some spears


She never got to shading…

Spears 1

The first five, suffering from some rather poor previous paint job.

The netters were painted by my girlfriend at the time, in an unrepeated attempt at sharing in this particular perversion of mine. I though, and think, they were a promising attempt, so I decided not to touch them up.

The models themselves are nice and dynamic, and the fact that they’re a size bigger than the other gobbos only makes sense: guess who gets to play with the fancy net?

You’ll soon get bored with spear tips and moon shields and black cloaks. So I’ll always throw in one or two different models in each post as I work through the rank and file to keep things interesting.

For me, this unit is a nice exercise to quicken my brushwork. It helps that I really like the sculpts from the Battle for Skull Pass: they might be my favourite version of night goblins, and even goblins tout court, ever.

More to come!


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