Orcs & goblins 9th Age army project

Coming to face my pile of unpainted miniatures once again after a relocation, I decided I will finally “paint seriously” – that I will dedicate more time to painting and complete projects in a more orderly and timely fashion – and that I will begin to do this by painting my whole Games Workshop Orcs & Goblins collection.

I decided for the green lads because Orcs & Goblins was my first and most loved army and because it is the most daunting part of my collection of models. I am not used to counting points anymore, but I definitely have enough greenskins for a big army: off the top of my head, we’re talking about thirty five cavalry models plus mounted characters, around a hundred gobbos and even more orcs plus foot characters, the whole shebang of warmachines and chariots, a few monsters and other weird creatures from the hills and caves. If my hobby self manages to paint through this and survive, I’ll know I can successfully tackle the rest of the pile, a model at a time, a project at a time.

I’m encouraged in this journey by the stirring currents in the upper miniature-painting echelons, which are rooting for an impressionist style of painting and thus conveying the feeling (a feeling I never had back in the days) that you can paint interesting, more-than-tabletop, models without having to work hours on them.

Because it is a way of ordering the models, and because I am still a gamer at heart, I chose to prepare the Orcs & Goblins to be fielded as an 9th Age army. I am fond of 9th Age – it keeps in the spirit of WHFB 8th edition while tweaking and balancing a few things and integrating the newly released models – so you might read some random tactica and build notes in the future together with the painting shots, even though I doubt I’ll ever actually find the time to play.

So, this is just to prepare you for the times ahead, hoping I’m not aiming too high, speaking too early and setting myself up for a spectacular failure. Which, at any rate, would be rather orkish…


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