Chaos Knights #4 – Thyme of the Suicides

Chaos knights 9Another knight joins the posse roaming through these still not entirely satisfying chaotic steppe bases.

For the fourth time reminding myself this is a speed-paint project – about two hours and a half per model – I’m still quite satisfied with the armour, in this case especially the barding. I started with a lot of stark colours on the knight’s armour (red, yellow, blue) but the green ended up eating them up a bit and it seems I tried to overcompensate with white lines on the helmet. 🙂

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Material highlight for today: thyme bushes, or rather bushes made with thyme twigs. I like the fact that they are cheap and abundantly available and that they look like tortured small trees – something from Dante’s wood of the suicides. The slightly chalky bark could be changed with paint, but can also be exploited for an easy “ghastly” effect.



8 thoughts on “Chaos Knights #4 – Thyme of the Suicides

  1. Great work here. The Knight’s muted scheme is as good looking as ever, and the thyme is a great addition I’d have never thought of myself.

    • Cheers, thank you! I used thyme just as it is, once dried of course, but one can also add a few leaves, moss or flock, or even combine it with some wood to make the tips of tree branches.

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