The Bizmarks #2 – von Caprivi

von Caprivi 1

This was made in one sitting, when the heat made me take an afternoon off writing. I attempted to update the colour scheme for the van saar suit using blue highlights and I had a go at a proper urban base.

The name comes from Bismark’s successor to the post of Chancellor, Leo von Caprivi – a name wacky enough to fit the hive’s sense of humour. Game-wise, he’s a cheap little juve with a mace, there to double team some opponent in close combat and provide those extra strength four attacks.

I still find the suit difficult to paint effectively, but I enjoyed this three/four layers attempt with game color cold grey, night blue and citadel abbadon black and I’m happy with the results. Unfortunately, the picture picks up the blues a little too much – they’re not that visible on the actual miniature.

The eyes are so small, that I couldn’t manage to put a black dot on them without ruining the face after three attempts. Damn them eyes! I’ll try again when I’m more inspired.

For the base I used a fragment of cement from a collection I scraped off a bucket. I painted the part that stuck to the bucket’s surface like battered asphalt concrete, and the rest with cold grey adding some light brown stains and some grey and black shadows. Then I added a few smaller fragments and dust onto the base surface. The pipe was made with two bits of plastic wire. The yellow marks are a necromundan must.


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