Chaos knights #3 – Champion

Chaos knights champion 3Keeping in mind that this is meant to be a quick painting project, I spent a little more time on this model, as befits his status of champion.

Compared to the other two knights, I tried to improve the shading and used what I’m tempted to call a “calligraphic” technique for the top highlights – pure white, rather thick fast brushstrokes mostly drawing thin straight lines but also blotches or wedge-shaped figures.

I still wasn’t satisfied with the previous bases, so I added an extra type of texture to the mix – an ochre coloured sand which comes from tuff stones. (I also reworked the other bases with it and some extra grass made with ground moss – I’ll take some group pictures later.)

TuffAs you can see the grain can be very fine, but it also has “rocks” of different sizes, hard enough not to crumble immediately. I still haven’t tried painting one of them, since I’ll probably only use it as sand… I think it would work well for any desert based army. In the future, I might try sculpting terrain directly from a block of tuff and see how it goes.


3 thoughts on “Chaos knights #3 – Champion

    • 🙂 impressionistic is the right word. Though it’s far from a masterpiece, I like that it looks fine from a certain distance and then when you look closer it turns up to be a mess! It’s not the best technique for pictures, though…

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