Wolfen warrior #1

Wolfen warrior 1

Their main fantasy game, Confrontation, was surely flawed but, man, didn’t Rackham rock some minis! I love this puppy, and it’s one of the worst Wolfen sculpts.

I did my best on this one, trying to remain clean, not exaggerating the shadows and highlights on the skin, bringing out the details on the head, giving the blade a colourful “pimp” and, finally, working on a base that could match and sustain the model’s power.

What do you guys and girls think? Any suggestions for the next member of the pack?

6 thoughts on “Wolfen warrior #1”

  1. Excellent paintjob. The highlights and shadows on the skin are nice and subtle, while the head is the focal point. I also like the base. Simple, but very suitable for the busy miniature.

    I would love to see Killyox.

    1. Thanks! Killyox is a very good suggestion – it’s an imposing hero and the sculpt is not as complex as to outmatch my skills – I’ll try to get my hands on it. First, though, I’ll try myself on a couple more warriors.

  2. Perhaps a subtle highlight on the edge of the muscles. Not too much to take away from the head. Subtle enough to draw the eyes in and lead to the head. The muscles are pronounced. Make that wolf proud of not skipping legs day.

    1. In fact, I was afraid to make him too muscly. I’ll try what you suggest on the next warrior, and there’s a repentant model on which I’ll definitely want to go all the way and accentuate the muscular mass…
      It might not look like that, but there are six layers of paint on the skin – panzer grey for the base coat, then pure black and watered-down black for the shadows, panzer grey plus cold grey and a dot of magic blue, then more cold grey, for the highlights and a final glaze here and there with panzer grey to blend everything together.

  3. Dude, he rocks! Goofy sculpt maybe, but that is a superbly subtle paint job, (especially the skin). I don’t know the range at all, so no preference on what you do next, as long as it’s awesome 🙂

    1. Yay! Thank you, you’re too kind. Next is going to be another wolfen warrior, a better sculpt with more composure. I’m going to try a different skin tone, let’s hope that I can pull it off again. 🙂

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