Chaos knights #2 – Musician

Chaos knights 4

This knight is actually the first one I painted, so the armour’s shading is a bit rougher. Contrary to how it may look, it was not a pain to stick the model in pose on the rock – I guess I was lucky.

Chaos knights 5

Since the previous post’s pictures were blurry, I fished out a tripod from the cellar – I’ll add a couple of better shots of knight number one to the mix.

Today’s material is: slate.


It can be found quite easily, it comes in foils which are easy to chip away and can provide an almost perfectly flat surface to place your miniatures. They can also be placed on top  of each other to form columns or to reproduce larger slate formations. Weather and erosion often give it beautiful cream, brown, grey, greenish and red rusty spots which almost look like they’ve been painted. Overall, the texture and the colour don’t stand out too much against the painted surface of minis. It can also be shaded with watered-down colours or highlighted with dry-brushing. Finally, compared to other stones at least, it’s not too heavy.

You can tell I really love slate! 🙂


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