Chaos knights #1

Finally, after more than a month, I managed to complete a model – and thinking I told myself this was going to be a speedpaint project!

Chaos knights 1

I feel that these chaos knights plastic miniatures have been surpassed in both style and quality in the years since their making – and maybe they weren’t even that great at the time they came out. At that time, I tried to paint them entirely with metallic colours, with dismal results. So, I got them a new coat of black paint and it’s try it again Sam. I figured they could serve for some experiments.

For this second incarnation, I decided to make them Nurgle, or rather Nurgle-bound, knights, using a palette that pays homage to the god without exceeding on the feeling of decay. In a corner of my mind I was thinking of something like the Knight order of the Rhino from Berserk (if I remember correctly): a rich, proud, though in my case more barbaric, knightly order riding down the marshy road to perdition.

Chaos knights 2

I used a green-grey base (lifecolor green and model color cold grey) with  washes and stains  of model color royal purple, night blue, charred brown and gory red, followed by an highlight of pure cold grey, then toned down with some more thinned-out green and further highlighted with white (model color flat aluminium).

I wanted to practice painting thin layers of vivid colours for the shading (instead of outright washing), and next I might try a wet palette to see if it works out better. I also wanted to exercise my basing skills, so I went for huge custom-made scenic bases. But I’ll talk about them more in the following entries of the series. Since the knights are all going to be a bit similar, to keep the next posts interesting in each of them I will showcase one aspect of the bases or talk about one of the materials I used.

Chaos knights 3

What do you think so far? Any suggestions for improvements?

Until next time, happy modelling everyone!


4 thoughts on “Chaos knights #1

  1. I really like that armour mate, the subtlety of colour is almost bordering on pale and washed out, yet is still vibrant and clear… that is a neat trick dude, I love the understated nature of this 🙂

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