Nausicaa 10 – Vostroyan / Khadorians comparison

Vostroyan and Khadorians

I went on buying a box of Khadorian riflemen, a field gun blister and a Kovnik to use as a Commissar or Official. Here I just want to spend a few words on the riflemen and post a picture of a couple of them alongside a Vostroyan so that you can compare the style and the scale, since some of you brought the issue up.

Good news is, the riflemen kit is plastic, so conversions are going to be a bit easier – the other two are metal, though. Bad news is that, overall, I have good reasons to be disappointed by the quality of the kit. I already gumped about the repetitiveness of poses, now let me complain about the abundance of nasty mold lines, the utter lack of extra bits, quite a few broken rifle straps, and a soldier with two left arms. Maybe it’s just this particular kit, but the Privateer press range just lost some of its appeal for me – especially since their prices are not conciliating.

I still like the models, though. And I was glad to see that they work quite well with Vostroyans, as I had expected.

Scale-wise, I was afraid the Privateer models were going to be slightly bigger – raw logic: bigger bases, bigger models? – and instead they turned out to be technically the same scale but feeling like they’re slightly smaller. The figure on the left of the picture is based normally, while the one on the right is cheating about a millimetre, which I think makes it work a little better.


4 thoughts on “Nausicaa 10 – Vostroyan / Khadorians comparison

  1. They look good to me mate – a good prep & paint job will go a long way to hiding any nastiness, and the scale is fine to my eye. It is good to compare different vendors at times… makes you realise why GW are still considered one of the best in the business when it comes to mini production 🙂

    • To be fair, many GW plastic troop kits don’t inspire me either, but you have at least to give them this: with their kits, building is potentially as fun as painting, and that’s something that small companies with excellent sculptors can never hope to match.

  2. I definitely like the look of them but bad mould lines are annoying. Victoria Miniatures have some amazing sculpts but lots of flash. Resin cast models often do though.

    • I’m glad you like them. The mold lines are in horrible spots, snaking down the body of the models in full view, but they are quite easy to clean as the plastic seems “softer” than GW’s.

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