Second wolfriders pack

Wolfriders pack 1 Wolfriders pack 2The light conditions are not as good as when I took the last pictures of the guardsman – I don’t have a set up with artificial light, so I depend on the sun! – but since I’m going for a long trip soon, it’s now or never. The result is passable, but next time let me clean the lenses. Can you believe I can’t find the time?! I’m even rushing these lines.

I still think that the new (old) camera captures the colour transitions better, or rather messes them up less. Not that these lads were perfectly blended to begin with, but still. The wolves are… well, perfunctory. I had painted them already years ago and didn’t feel like retouching them too much. They are very dull very grey wolves – I’ll consider replacing them with Fenrisian wolves as seen on Bughaus miniatures. In fact, I already got five of them. But they’ll probably end up under the buttocks of the next batch of goblins. Maybe champions.

My personal favourite is the guy with the axe, I’m really proud of the helmet and love his red nose. Next the one on the far right. Since some of you liked them on the Grom model, I kept using dark blue shadows for the skin.

Shields will have to be completed with some sort of decal or an imprint of a bloody paw or the like. I got tired of waiting for some cheap and effective shields on ebay and decided to go all the way cheap: fifteen minutes later these were done using the thin wood from a Camembert packaging (so French!), dark brown, two greys, sand, white, black, blue and turquoise.

Bases are blah, I was rushing and uninspired. I’ll have to work on basing this summer…


13 thoughts on “Second wolfriders pack”

    1. Only drawback, it is bound to bolster the sense of superiority of the French: “I told you, you can do everyzhing wizh Camembert.” 😛

    1. Thanks! Funny how the thing that took me the least time to make it’s getting most of the attention… Maybe I should worry less about technique and get a little bit crazier! 🙂

  1. I am a big fan of those sculpts and you did them proud! Agreed that those wolf models in comparison look a little bland by today’s standards but on the other hand they focus the eye more on the gobbos themselves.

    1. Thanks for the praise, it means a lot coming from you! As for the wolves, I agree. Unfortunately, compared to more recent and more dynamic sculpts like the Fenrisian wolves, the goblins become somewhat rigid and outdated in turn. I’ll have to find something in-between…

  2. The Goblin riders look excellent. Expressive, full of character. This is emphasised by your superb paintjob, using good contrasts and combination of colours to guide the eye to the interesting details. I also love the idea to use packaging for something like shields! I would tend to agree that the wolves look less dynamic than the Goblin riders. An option would be giant rats (the Rackham ones were excellent) or maybe some goats or giant chickens?

    1. Thank you for the praise and the feedback!
      Another cheap option for shields is suede: you can usually buy remnants at fabrics stores and, provided it’s neither too thin nor too thick, it works well with savage-looking minis.
      You’re right, the giant rats would look great. Money aside, the thing is I have fourteen of these old wolfriders, five of which I had already painted years ago: the reason for sticking with the dull grey wolves was to be able to field them all together in one big unit, in case I ever wanted to. But a lone character on giant rat is definitely an option.

      1. Suede? Never thought of it, but makes total sense. I fully understand the desire to use what you have. Looking forward to the character mini.

        1. I used suede – I thing that’s the right word for it – for the Pack from the past wolfriders’ standard you can see in an earlier post. Once painted upon the effect is not that great, but I’m planning to use it as it is for a beastmen standard sooner or later.
          I was planning to leave the wolfrider project in standby for the moment, but since you’re interested I’ll try to squeeze a goblin hero and a Fenrisian wolf in my luggage 🙂 That’s not going to be too difficult, anyway.

          1. Sounds all very good. I just got some Spellcrow heads from Poland and must say the detail is stunning. They are a bit on the big side, so they won’t work with the Bones miniatures I wanted to convert. Instead I might try my hand at sculpting some Goblin bodies to give them more of a “Labyrinth” feel and proper rat fur coats for the cold in Frostgrave or a dank dungeon;).

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