Nausicaa – 8 Translating Khador to 40k, special units

Last post in the series of translating Khador to 40k. It will be a shorter post than usual, since there are few special units in the Imperial Guard codex in the first place. Still, the Privateer range offers some interesting alternatives and conversion pieces.

Translates to: Rough riders.

These are a perfect match. More than a match, in the sense that, in my opinion, these Uhlans make for a better Vostroyan cavalry than the official GW rough riders. With just two rider sculpts and three horse sculpts for five models, the set is not pleasing from a modelling perspective, but I’ll find a way around. All in all, I think they’re going to work well with the rest of the army. They even have an inspiring leader with moustaches! This guy:

“Hey, wait, big face behind the screen! Are you really going to use me as a rank and file rough rider!? Are you even aware of my lineage?” Pointers beware, this man rocks some pointing. And then this:

Translates to: Makeshift Chimera or conversion goodie.

Clunk clunk, hail this beauty! Some might not like the horses: no problem, use them elsewhere, cut away the wheels and paste some caterpillar tracks and you’ll have a steampunkish, somewhat MetalSluggish, transport. All things considered, converting this would be a big project and a pricey pricey, so I’ll have to consider. But it surely has potential.

Translates to: Alternate Ogryns.

I’m adding them just for the sake of completion, since I’d probably rather go with the GW models or with no Ogryns at all. Still, these are an ok alternative. Or, rather, they could be if they didn’t come in just basically three sculpts. Maybe I should look into the possibility of mixing the two kits…

And, finally, can you see any use for these fellas?

Game-wise, I have no clues. There’s a whole sub-set of these power armour troops in the Khadorian range with different weapons and even shields. They kinda look like squat Space Marines (Privateer already already has something like Squats, by the way)…


2 thoughts on “Nausicaa – 8 Translating Khador to 40k, special units

  1. Ooooh, I’d love to see that gun carriage on a set of knight legs… that could be something special! Those Mon-o-war dudes would make pretty good tech priests, or even vets with the carapace armour upgrade! (Grenadiers I think?)

    • Yes, that’d be nice. Carapca armour upgrade, that wasn’t there when I last played! πŸ˜‰ Good suggestion, thanks!

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