Nausicaa – 7 Translating Khador to 40k, officers

In the 41st millennium, what had been the Tolmekian empire was selected for soldier production in view of the incoming campaign against chaos (precise setting still to be defined). In the context of the administrative reorganisation, Nausicaa was turned into a cradle-world. The governor proclaimed an edict of birth, by which all women found sterile or not pregnant were to be executed on the spot. The expected result was a peak in pregnancies. In due time, the newborn could have been turned into viable soldiers and shipped away as soon as ready. To face the impending overpopulation and the stress of dealing with the enforcement and exploitation of the edict of birth, the state of siege was declared, the Guard and some special units from Tolmek were mobilised to reinforce local police on Nausicaa. Advanced industrial agricultural facilities were implemented, which changed the face of Nausicaa forever: once a lush farming world, Nausicaa is now scarred by massive agricultural plants and the bleak towers of boarding hive-cities.

Translates to: Loyalist commissar.

Commissars are a fundamental element of the Nausicaan military – without them, and the hierarchies they embody and enforce, they wouldn’t even had left their planet in the first place. After the first signs of revolt, they become even more crucial in maintaining discipline and driving the men to fight against the enemies of their Emperor instead than against the enemies of their class. I plan to use a combination of regular “Imperial looking” commissars – those are the highest in grade and come directly from the Guard garrison on Tolmek. Others, like this one, have been recruited among the Nausicaans themselves. A quick maiming and grafting will be needed on the gun as usual, but for the rest the model is pretty impressive and I think it’ll be immediately recognisable as a Commissar inside a unit.

Translates to: Company commander.

He’s the perfect incarnation of a loyalist officer: he has the smug and a beard in the style of Eisenstein’s Ivan the Terrible! The sculpt is excellent, and I hate him already. One of the few models it will be a pleasure to remove if the army will ever hit the gaming table.

Translates to: A hell of a psycher.

This one comes from Nausicaa and is one of the few remaining original psychers of Cadmus. The model is gorgeous despite the cloack being a bit too stiff. Maybe I’ll even leave him that chunky runic axe, just because. Again, it is going to fit with the rest of the army while adding some exoticism. He’s clearly more Tzarist than Soviet, but the Vostroyans are a strage beast, close enough to Valhallians to look smooth together, but not quite as “Red army” – especially after being mixed with some Privateer winter guard.

Translates to: Tolmekian senior officer.

He’s a bit heavy on the steampunk gear, but I guess he could still be included. He could work as a commissar, a fleet officer or more likely as a Tolmekian noble serving as senior officer.

Translates to: Rebel company commander.

Nemo in a power suit with what I can only describe as some sort of close combat appliance. I still have mixed feelings about this model. First thing, the power mace goes poof – he’s getting a sword or a plasma gun. I like the face, the flowing beard and the goggles. The armour, on the other hand, seems a bit too much. I can imagine him being one of the senior rebel commanders – not one of the cradle-world draft, but an officer of the original Nausicaan guard detachment nurturing sedition from before the great levy. The model would represent such an officer – still no names here, I am no big fan of “special” characters but we’ll see – in a later phase of the war. He could have scavenged the armour from a slain Tolmekian superior and worn it just because it’s armour and it saves you from bullets. I see him as a pragmatic guy who would not mind looking like the enemy. Only with a cooler beard.

Translates to: Rebel platoon commander.

Not much to say here, nice and fresh, maybe the left arm is going off, as it appears to be rule with these Khadorians. I’d like to change the pose somehow, I’ll know better when I have it in my hands, it’s hard to judge from pictures. Still, the armour is not too imposing and I like the odd bits of gear.

Translates to: Loyalist Company standard bearer.

Yeaarhg. Somehow this seems to be the cry he’s mouthing. The model is not bad and the pose is powerful enough. I like the sash, the hat and the banner. The sword, though, especially from this angle, looks like an ugly chunk of metal. Amputation? Yes sir. Especially with all that space from the hand to the ground, I bet I can come up with something better. I’m not sure if the model is worth the investment, just to have an extra company standard bearer version for the loyalist troops. I’ll see when the project progresses.

I left out Kommander Sorscha since she seems to be really icon for Khador, and beacause her double handed war hammer made her stand out a bit too much. But take a look at this lady…

In case I will ever work on the chaos army that the Nausicaans are facing, she’s going to be the leader of the loyalists that, fittingly I’d say, will try to save the skin selling their soul to the dark gods once the situation becomes desperate. Only to lose both, of course. Her two bodyguards would be the first to receive the gifts of the lord of decay… But that’s enough for today.



6 thoughts on “Nausicaa – 7 Translating Khador to 40k, officers

    • Cheers. The Koldun lord surely rocks. He looks a lot more like “magic” than the regular 40k psycher, but I think it makes sense in this project.

    • Woops! Sorry, I didn’t mean to get you hooked up! 😉 I hope following the unfolding of my project will be a suitable ersatz 😀 That’s how it is for me with the other blogs, at least: sharing in is a kind of doing…

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