Nausicaa – 6 Imperial Commissar

Imperial commissar

Given the slack and unruly attitude of the troops from the Nausicaan grand levy, the presence of Imperial Commissars is even more necessary than usual to maintain order and ensure that the troops abide by the rule of the Emperor even as their faith wavers and their loyalty is in question. Such a wide galactic empire must settle for formal obedience – if you can look like you are obeying orders, that’s generally good enough – but will settle for nothing less: appearances and order are clearly what this extravagantly fascistic fellow is here to keep up.

The smugness of the guy’s face and attire befit the Guardsmen’s credo of strength in ignorance, and its by itself an incitement to insubordination. I choose not to highlight the skin and the cloak too subtly precisely in order to give the idea of fake leather and cheap simulation of authority. Unfortunately, lighting conditions are bad today and the miniature turned out to look a bit messier than it actually is… or maybe I’ll just have to retouch it!


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