Vehicle WIPs

Lack of time forces me to adopt the questionable principle that two works in progress equal enough material for one post. Besides, it may actually be a good idea to get some suggestions from other bloggers, since I’m very new to painting vehicles. Anyway, here the two WIPs.

WIP Ork dreadnought WIP Ork dreadnought 2

First, an old Ork dreadnought, pimped with some selected pieces from the bitbox. I’ll go over the painting, conversions and do proper referencing in another post when I finish the model, but the orange and blues and the general “dirty work” are clearly inspired by Leadballoony’s work on his terrain – it’s probably not the first time I’ve seen the technique, but that’s the most striking example I can think of.

WIP Ork dreadnought base

By the way, using exaggerated tones of orange and teal is a cheap cinematic way of making the image “pop” – I guess it might work with minis as well, I’ll have to try it out.

The main problem I’m having with this model is how to highlight edges and bolts: orange works on copper, but the sand + white I’ve been trying on the darker metal parts doesn’t convince me entirely… The base – a Micro Art Studio resin base from the “designed for Infinity” series, with a few extra pieces of trash from the bitbox – will be a separate project.

WIP Nausicaan Chimera DSCF3677

Second, a kit-bashedΒ  Chimera – or rather Taurox, since the gun could be an autogun? – mixing the GW chassis with a 20mm Vulcan gun turret. I also added a regal insignia on each side of the tank, marking it as a command vehicle and somehow reinforcing the “retro” feel of the Vostroyan models – the idea being that, since the Nausicaan home world is very remote, vestiges of pre-imperial government have survived, if only nominally. A lascannon gunner miniature would sit nicely inside the turret – as soon as I can find one to buy. Or else I’ll convert a Vostroyan or Khadorian officer.

Again, I’m not sure how to highlight the different armour plates and the (many) bolts, and I’ll have to find some advice on painting damage and mud. I also want to add a company mark, probably a red stripe somewhere, and I need to figure out the Nausicaan flag. Still a lot of work to be done.


6 thoughts on “Vehicle WIPs

  1. Thanks for the nod mate, and nice work on these two so far – that kan is looking nice and battered, and I love the Chimera turret! My advice would be to think about where your army is fighting first, and then just play with the weathering, mud, chips and scratches – don’t be afraid to get stuck in! I went for a very muddy look on my Praetorian tanks for example – lots of texture mixed with typhus corrosion on the tracks and wheels, loads of inks & rust everywhere else, spots of silver sponged on, etc. Plenty of vehicle pics early in my blog roll πŸ™‚

  2. I’ll be sure to check those pics out! Thanks for the advice. Oh, and I corrected the reference to your blog: I had misspelled the name, sorry… πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I’m trying to finish it now,but Ork weathering turned out to be incredibly time consuming – you could go on forever! I’m enjoying it a lot, though.

  3. The weathering is looking good. Sadly, I can;t think of any advice to highlight the metal parts. I use GW Necron Compound to drybrush the metal on my terrain but it doesn’t have the wow or pop factor.

    • Metal drybrush always works charms. Since it’s a test piece, I’m trying weird stuff – which is very Orky anyway πŸ™‚ I think I’ll settle with the sand + white highlights, maybe add a green glaze and some more rust. More rust seems to work all the time!

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