Nausicaa – 2 Lascannon team

Nausicaan lascannon team Nausicaan lascannon team 2 Some nominal cover for this Nausicaan lascannon nest, which I finally managed to complete, and a few notes on their background story.

The “Nausicaa” project – which will see me painting a box of Vostroyan infantry, a few tanks and making a cross-over to the Warmachine range – started simultaneously as a way of exploring the field of non-chaotic rebellion to the Imperium and as an homage to Hayao Miyazaki’s animation film of the same name. The blend of aesthetics – Vostroyans, Khadors and whatever can be made to look like the dwellers of the Valley of the Wind and their Tolmekian invaders – will be difficult to achieve, but I believe that’s an interesting challenge in itself.

Narratively, the project is driven by echoes of the Russian revolution and will eventually incorporate gothic sci-fi versions of the Potemkin mutiny and the Kronstadt rebellion – thus the theme of revolution within the revolution as well as a series of purposeless massacres, which clearly befit the 40k universe, at least as I see it.

Just to anticipate its core concept, the story I will write to accompany the models will have these proud moustached men face two destinies of equally certain and total annihilation. Deported from their home world years away into the warp towards the battle line, only to find themselves in the midst of the greatest front of retreat the galaxy has ever seen, their choices will be equally desperate:   either embrace the rule of the Emperor and sacrifice their freedom for his glory, or give in to the lures of Chaos and sacrifice their life to their abject enjoyment. When the time will come, they will chose to sacrifice neither: traitors to the Imperium and yet unbending to the dark gods, they will stand firm against both at the epicentre of their clash.


11 thoughts on “Nausicaa – 2 Lascannon team”

    1. Thanks! I was able to buy a box of these when they came out, and I remember they were already pretty expensive. Now, especially after you add shipping from UK to the continent, it’s going to be hard on my wallet to expand the collection. Plus, being full metal, they’re quite a pain to convert and lack variance in large numbers. That’s a few reasons for trying to blend in minis from other ranges…

      1. It’s a shame FW haven’t picked these up yet really, they could do some great things with this design.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like the story – I feel more motivated to sort out the details and begin writing it down.

  1. These look great dude – I love the cross-over inspiration & background ideas, looking forward to seeing this develop!

    1. That’s great to hear! Next step will be an HQ Chimera and something on the history of their home world, but first I want to complete a preparatory project focused on weathering…

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