4 thoughts on “Nausicaa – 1”

  1. Sweet! I have Vostroyans as well. They’re hiding in boxes right now waiting to get painted. My back story is the Ursons residing in the Ursus system. My Tyranid Hive Fleet is to go with the bear theme. I’m a backcountry hiking enthusiast so the threat of bears is a reality for me.

    1. Nice idea! I can’t wait to see a grizzly carnifex. In my case, tundra is the climate of the planet they’re being deployed to, not that of the one they come from. The don’t even come from a planet, really, but from the moon of a dead planet. I love hiking, but I’m also quite into critical theory so that will definitely come up in the setting. 😉 You will see…

    1. Thanks Alex! Next is a lascannon team. They’re already painted but I want to make a nice ruined wall section for their base, and I can’t find the time right now! But soon…

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