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I picked up these miniatures at Lucca Games years ago in Italy, remove them from their blister, carefully trash the blister, and now I can’t figure out to which range they belong. I’m not sure how to use them either, and that’s why they have been left unbased. They’re probably ending up in a Mordheim gang or in some other skirmish game, so they’re definitely going on round bases as soon as I order some more.

Mainly because of the sexist outfit, they strike me as rogues or outlaws – thence their apparently mismatching name.

I had made a couple of very basic conversions on the model with the shield, removing something from the right hand (I don’t remember what), adding a wood elf blade and thus making her left handed. I also added a flintlock pistol from the Kroots sprue, which is in fact as big as a sawn-off shotgun (something to keep in mind for other conversions).

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The other “knave” is exactly as it was in the blister. The lighting on the blade is maybe a bit too cartoonish, but that’s exactly what I was trying to learn. Apart from some deep purple shadows on the boots, the rest is very simple and no-frills.


5 thoughts on “Knaves

    • You are super kind, mate! Thanks but no thanks – I’m in France and I don’t think we want to ship overseas for a few bases. And I’ve got plenty waiting in my lair in Italy anyway 🙂

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