Grom’s chariot

Grom 1 Grom 2

All hail the mighty paunch of the misty mountain! As flashy as he is craven, Grom is the great Mogul of the golden (well, gold plated) horde of goblin wolf riders about to raid this blog’s pages. If he shows guts when he’s pushing his minions around, he sure keeps them tucked deep in his belly once the battle begins. In fact, he’s been trying to build up his reputation just to keep the enemy at a safe distance.

Grom 3

The project took me longer than I expected, not least taking the pictures – which all have weird lighting and turned out to exalt the blue shadows I put on the greenskin way too much. Oh well – I’ll try another shooting in the future with the rest of the horde. I enjoyed painting Grom himself, and – if you keep in mind that it has been painted by goblins – I’m rather pleased with the standard.

Grom detail

I had painted the chariot’s chassis many many years ago, but I decided to leave it as it was: on one hand, I liked the idea of preserving a historical sample, on the other, I also felt that the different style could work nicely with the rest of the model. The base is basic, but I’ll add a few stripes of balsa wood around the edge whenever I go back to base camp and possibly work out some more materials to use after I’ve completed more orcs and goblins models.










10 thoughts on “Grom’s chariot”

  1. Hehe, that’s so cool – classic model, you can’t help but love Da Paunch! I like the blue shading, very effective

    1. Thank you! Banners can be frustrating – I tried a few designs for the other side of this standard but they were so ugly and lame that in the end I left it empty. It’s good that basic work still feels appropriate for the greenskins!

  2. Some lovely work there Carlo, good to see some classic Orc’s. The Flag looks the business! I prefer standards on a “T” shaped pole (as you only have to paint one side!).

    Cheers Roger.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like it! As soon as I have some more experience I’ll probably return on the standard and either do the other side, or make a new one. (yes, Ts are more forgiving!)

  3. He’s come up very nicely. The standard has an “animated character” quality to it that works well with Grom.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I can imagine goblins painting a standard like that. Above all, the style matched my limited skill and experience. Next I’m going to paint a beastman standard and I’ll have to find another style…

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