Undergrowth bases – bonsai treeman and elven archer

Bonsai treeman Daikinee




Here’s a Rackham daikinee elf I painted a few years ago and a bonsai treeman dating back ages, that I both re-based with 100% natural material from the woods of the Maritime Alps. Stone is stone, bark is bark, earth is earth, and moss is moss – the grass and small plants are also made of different kinds of moss. The result is suitably messy, which I take to be realistic, but still isn’t entirely convincing from an aesthetic point of view. I’ll work on it.

The treeman’s paint job clearly goes in the “nostalgia” category – it looks way better in the picture. Having been totally outgrown and outclassed by the new flashy treemen models, I’ll have to use it as a mere 9th age treefolk elder. The elf paint job was meant to be minimal, and it shows. I might give him another go once I settle on a colour scheme for the few wood elves models I have in my collection.

4 thoughts on “Undergrowth bases – bonsai treeman and elven archer”

  1. Thanks. Indeed, that’s a concern. I can only hope they’re going to turn from spring to autumn without completely disintegrating!

  2. Bases look good. That’s the part I spend the least amount of time on, I should fix that. The other day I used some terrain with moss on it. It’s well over a decade old and the moss finally disintegrated.

    1. Ten years seems like an acceptable life-span. I’ll keep you guys posted on the effects of age on the moss in the future – bear with me, but you’ll definitely need some Entish patience!

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